Birthday Layout With Annis Monforte

Did you know that about 385,000 babies are born each day around the world? That’s a lot of birthdays! But no need to fear, Kiwi Lane is arming you with birthday layout ideas starting with Annis Monforte, a Kiwi Lane Creative Partner.

Annis is using a sketch provided by the Birthday Memory Lane Digital Sketchbook. This new sketchbook travels through 11 years of Kiwi Lane, celebrating the Kiwi Lane journey through layouts and sketches that you can be inspired by and use.

Birthday Memory Lane Digital Sketchbook


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Annis was born in August, which makes her a Leo (What is your Zodiac sign? Comment down below!). So in celebration of her own birthday, she decided to create and share a birthday layout with all of you!

Annis celebrated by going out to brunch with her daughter. To commemorate this memory, she decided to use Lacey Trims along with one of her favorite templates, the Sparkle a la carte. One of the fun things she did with the Sparkle a la carte was to trace two versions, each on different styled paper and then layer them on top of each other to add dimension and more color!

Need something for a title? Annis suggests using the paper kit packaging! (What? I know, crazy but crafty! We love it!). Just trim off the title from the packaging and trace it with your favorite template. Annis decided to use Scallops to help her frame the title, which turned out to look really cute!

While tracing some dark paper to cut out another Sparkle a la carte, Annis suggested that if you have trouble seeing while you’re tracing on dark paper, trace it twice, it will help you see it better. You can also use contrast to help frame you pictures. Just layer light paper on top of dark paper to help make your images pop.

Annis also makes a comment about inking. We know that everyone has their own preference, but she has found that “the brown adds depth to your paper. It really causes a separation and a depth so It looks like it popped up.” In conclusion, she described it as “I’m stuck in the brown bubble.”


Annis briefly shares her Kiwi story, talking about how her introduction to Kiwi Lane started with the simple fact that “It’s so fun just sharing ideas!”

“When I saw it (Kiwi Lane) at expo, I admit I was a little overwhelmed by it. I would see the layouts and they were just so beautiful and so creative and I personally felt that they were too difficult for me. I would offer just to buy the pages complete, I won’t lie to you. But I wanted to go to crops and I had a son with medical issues and lived on my husbands income so I couldn’t afford to go to these extravagant weekends so my friends told me I needed to find something to sell at a crop. So we walked past the Kiwi Lane booth and my friends said “That’s what you should sell!” and so I took the ladies business card and signed up. I had never used the product before and it changed my life, it really did. It renewed my love for scrapbooking!”

It changed my life. It renewed my love for scrapbooking!

Have a similar story? Share it by using #mykiwistory.

Final Layout

Overall, don’t be afraid to play-to-create and mix things up! Even though Annis was using a sketch, she found ways to personalize it through her pictures, paper, and templates. Check out the before and after comparison below to see the sketch and then the finished layout Annis created.

Be sure to post on the play-to-create facebook group so you can inspire and be inspired, connect with others, and share a bit of your own story.

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