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Boy Drawing outdoors

My son Ian was born with a creative soul. It is one of the things that I love so much about him.

It started when he was very young. He was always sneaking my paper out of the printer and using it for his drawings. One of my favorite phases of his artistic career was his Dune Buggy Period. He put them on literally everything when he was little! He even made me a Dune Buggy Christmas Ornament out of cardboard that year! I think that it was because, at the time, he was helping his dad rebuild our family’s Dune Buggy. That buggy not only inspired many of his artistic creations but also taught him a real love of cars.
buggy art

As he got older his drawings improved quite a bit and to this day he still loves to draw!ians_art

But what I love most, is that out of all of my children Ian loves to seek out quiet moments to experience, capture and express the world in his own, creative way. Ever since he was little I will find him on his own, taking in the majesty of the simple moments, like in this picture, and taking the time to capture it in the net of his own, unique creativity.ian_drawing

I love that he sees beauty in the world around him and has a desire to preserve a small part of that for himself and express it artistically. I love that creativity feeds his sweet soul.

That is something that I share with my Ian…being creative is a huge component of the Joy in my life. That is one of the reasons that I scrapbook. I see so much beauty in the simple moments and I love to capture them and express them in my own artistic way so that I have that beautiful memory with me always.


Do you have artistic little ones? Do they get it from you?

Please share in the comments section below!

Shiloh Jorgensen

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