Back to School using Kiwi Lane & Bella BLVD.

BellaBLVD Back to School Closeup

susanSchool Time

The Bella Blvd Family Forever Collection was fun & bright. Perfect for Back to School pictures, don’t you think? 



Need Inspiration?

I was looking for a little inspiration for this layout. Yes, even I need some inspiration from time to time. So I pulled out my KLD Idea Book, & this card, on page 87 inspired me to incorporate a similar design, but on my layout. Even a card can inspire you! The page came together pretty fast after that, and the Bella Blvd paper was just right for my back to school pictures.


BellaBLVD Back to School 2-page layout

Templates used:

Aspen Court 3A/3B, 12″ Strips, Wacky 3, Rings 3,4, Tiny Bracket 2T, Bracket 1, Nature 5, Tiny Natures 1T, 5T. BellaBLVD Back to School Closeup BellaBLVD Back to School Closeup BellaBLVD Back to School Closeup I adore the Bella BLVD. Family Forever Collection.  It’s really perfect for so many different layouts.

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