Autumn Joy


Our Trip to Linder Farms

Linder Farms is one of my favorite places to go in the Fall as the weather cools and the colors change. There is just something about the way they have set things up that is so fun and so satisfying! We’ve been going there for several years now and it just gets better and better! I took my two youngest, Matthew and Rachel, and two of my granddaughters, Abbie and Maddie, and we headed to the country to play in the corn maze, drink hot cocoa, and find the best pumpkins!

Linder Farms Memories - Ideas to Inspire

In honor of the Autumn joy that is Linder Farms, I wanted to be sure and re-create that fun Fall feel on the page as I designed a layout for this year’s photos.

Adding Dimension

I wanted to make my tall pumpkin a little more three-dimensional, so I layered the larger oval from our retired Tiny Shapes set over the top of it which worked great!  I also was able to use the tree branch shape from our Autumn Accessory set as a cornstalk. And the acorn from the Autumn set was the perfect place to add the year, for future reference.




I had fun creating my Autumn owl for this layout.  By creating a cute eyelash effect I decided to make her a girl.  I used a flower punch for each eye and cut some of the ‘petals’ off to mimic eyelashes.  It turned out really cute! I love the way that I can use the Designer Templates and Paper, along with the other tools that I already have laying around, to come up with new, inexpensive ideas to use on my pages.   

Fall Owl

All-in-all, I think that I had almost as much fun creating this layout as I did making the memory that it is preserving… and in moments like these I am so grateful that my family and I will be able to look back at this for years to come and relive some of our best and brightest moments!

Designer Templates used:

Spook Alley (1A,1B, 3A,3B)

Autumn (1,2,4,5,6)

Halloween (2,3)

Tiny Shapes (8T)

Paper Used:

Flea Market by Doodlebug Designs

Fall Memories at Linder Farms


Do you have Autumn traditions? Places you visit? Special Fall-themed projects? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Debbie Budge

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