A Closer Look at The Aloha Kiwi Club Kit

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Susan loves receiving her Kiwi Club Kit evert month, with all its exciting paper and new templates to play with. She was recently able to get her hands on an old Kiwi Club Kit, the July 2018 Kiwi Club Paper Kit as well as the correlating templates. Using the Aloha Kiwi Club she was able to create a festive, tropical, and bright layout that has forever remembered one of her favorite Kiwi Lane memories.

  • Funky Frills (1A, 1B)
  • Paisley Place (2A, 2B)
  • Tropical (2, 3, 4)
  • Tiny Seaside (1T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 7T)
  • Breezy (1B)
  • Paradise (6)

July 2018 Kiwi Club Paper Kit (There are currently only 7 left in stock)

With any flower arrangement (Real or made of paper), it’s always fun to layer. Whether that be your tropical flowers or field flowers, layering them helps give more dimension, color, and texture. When layering her tropical flower arrangement, Susan used Tropical 4, Paradise 6, and Tiny Seaside 2T.

Speaking of layering, Funky Frills is the perfect set to layer your borders. Their unique trimming helps certain sets like Pasiely Place and other similar sets really pop and add dimension and personality to your layout.

Planning Your Next Tropical Trip Yet?

Love your Tropical and Paradise sets as much as we do? Not as much as you love your actual tropical and paradise trips, that’s for sure. What have been some of your favorite memories to scrapbook using the Tropical and Paradise sets? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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