A Magical Day at Disneyland

circle photo

A Disney Ideas To Inspire

I love to visit Disneyland whether it is with my kids or just with the adults! I love the feeling I get when I walk through the gates. It takes me straight back to childhood and stirs up magical feelings in my soul!

I have been blessed to be able to go several times with my kids over the years. These pictures are from a Disney trip that we surprised our kids with after attending a Scrapbook Expo in CA a few years ago.

Disney Ideas to Inspire Layout

I thought I would play around with my Rings & Tiny Celebrate Accessory Sets for my layout. They ended up being perfect for these Disney pictures!


Cutting Tip

I find that the easiest way to cut the ring out is to cut straight into the ring with my scissors and then cut around the circle inside. I just make sure to hide the place where I cut into the ring behind some other element on my layout. Super simple and fast!

cutting rings

I cut down the smaller rings so that they didn’t hang out the bottom of the larger one.

mickey ear

I thought it would be fun to have a smaller Mickey head on the right side of my layout to help balance that design element.

I decided to add a picture to the inside of the smaller Mickey since the Rings #3 Designer Template was pretty much the perfect size for a 4×6 photo. Rings #3 is just slightly bigger than 4” so it would have left a tiny space at the top and bottom of the picture, but luckily, due to my imperfect cutting, I found that once I actually cut the ring out of paper it ended up covering the entire photo 🙂 I left the photo a little bigger on the sides than the inside dimensions of the ring so that I could adhere the ring to the picture more easily.


I felt like the layout needed a little something inside of the large circle so I added an arrow to finish up the simple look that I was going for.

Designer Templates:

McKay Blvd (1A/1B)

12” Strips (½” , 1” )

Rings (1,2,3,4)

Tiny Celebrate (3T, 6T, 8T )

Tiny Explore (3T )


And voila! Just like Magic my layout was complete! And the best part is that every time we pull this album down, we can experience this Magical Day all over again!