7 Simple One Page Layout Ideas

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With the New Year finally, here you might be cleaning out your crafting room and other cluttered spaces in your brain and living space to help get out of that end of the year slump. So are we! And as you’re cleaning things out, you start to realize you have a stash of extra photos from the year before that you couldn’t fit into your two-page layouts or other forms of scrapbooking. But you’ve resolved to clean everything out so you have to do something with them (throwing them away is absolutely not an option). Well, you may have caught the hint by now with the title and everything, but we still have to make the introduction! One-page layouts are a great way to use those random pictures and at the end of the day, those pictures might be better highlighted alone. So, here are 7 simple one-page layouts to help you do just that!  Pull out your stash of paper and random pictures and start playing!

One Page Layouts

One-page layouts are fun because you have a lot of space to play with around that one photo. The Spook Alley Border Set added some fun angles to that one-page newborn layout (you can see that she also slanted the border on her layout) and the Sunnybrook Lane Border Set helped balance out the cluster of Tiny Floral and Tiny Accent Accessories on the other. Last but not least, you want to consider your titles (If you choose to have one). Using the Rings Accessory to add a curved title to your layout is a great idea or you can bring it in closer to the photo by layering the title on top of Celebrate 8.

When you’re pumping out so many one page layouts, you may or may not begin to get tired of all the straight edges. But who said you had to keep them straight? Throw in a curve or two! The Bracket Accessory Set is a great way to add curves around those straight-edged photos as well. If you decided to make the edges of your paper curve, that means you’re going to have a hard time making your Border Templates meet the edges…but they don’t have to. Using Tiny Border Sets is a fun way to work with those curvy edges and still have some Border Templates on your layout.

Just because you have more of the page to work with on a one-page layout doesn’t mean you have to! Sometimes keeping some of that space open helps highlight your picture even better! You can either create space around the center of the page or the corner of the page like Shiloh did in her layout on the left. Both layouts used The Wacky Accessory set to help add angle and curves around their photo, as well as some space to add their own thoughts (This set is retired, so try Tiny Wacky). Other than that, remember to keep the Tiny Border set in mind if you don’t want to touch the edges of your paper!

If you haven’t already noticed, we are fond of our Tiny Explore Accessory set with its adorable dragonfly and arrow templates as well as our Tiny Accents Accessory set. We’ve talked a lot about adding curves and angles to your layout by adding Brackets or Tiny wacky, but a fun alternative is to use one of the Tiny Borders to create your own fun edges around your photo! The one used in the right layout was from the Wildside Tiny Border Set.

Key Takeaways:
  • Add some curves and edges!
    • You can do this by picking a Border Set that has some curves and angles, add curves to the edges of your layout, or use the Bracket Accessory set, Tiny Border Set, or Tiny Wacky to add curves around your photos!
  • Create some space!
    • You can do this by keeping space empty around your photos or using the Tiny Border set to create space around the edges
  • Have fun with it!
    • You can play with our A la Cartes as well! Hallmark and Vintage are a great alternative if you want a different way of adding curves around your photos.
Are you a fan of one-page layouts? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. It’s good that you like to do both! That means you can switch between the two when you need to. How many photos do you like to fit onto your one-page layouts?