5 Easter Layout Ideas

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There’s No Time To Wait!

Do you finally have those Easter Photos printed? Great! It’s time to play! Don’t let them get lost in the pile of to-do and set aside time to create a layout! Need some ideas? Here are 5 Easter Layouts all using the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory Set!

Layout #1

Celebrating All The ‘Firsts’

Are you introducing Easter to the little one? So is Linda Hanson! This layout celebrates the first Easter we experience when we are young. The fun thing about this Easter Layout is the way Linda stacked her eggs as well as the Easter collage she put together using Tiny Egg Hunt and Designer Templates from past Kiwi Clubs. To add some fun designs to your eggs, use enamel dots, the doodle sheet that comes with the Accessory set, or even a texture roller!

Want to Watch Linda Create This Layout From Start To Finish? Check Out The Video!