3 Ways To Use The Swirl A la Carte

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Give it a Swirl!

The beautiful thing about Designer Templates is that they are versatile! There is never just one way to use them! The same goes for the Swirl A la Carte! There are so many ways to use this Kiwi Club Designer Template, and we’re here to just list a few ideas in hope that you’ll be inspired. Here are 3 ways you can use a Swirl A la Carte!

1. Use The 4 Stencil Features As Is

There are options within options when it comes to the Swirl A la Carte! If you decide to simply just use the 4 stencil features as they are, there are still some choices you can play with!

  1. Add paper 
  2. Add photos 
  3. Cut out the stencil and leave it empty 

The Swirl A la Carte comes with 4 stencil features that allow you to trace out whatever you want (if you choose to do so)! You can trace out photos, cut them out, and layer them on top of your circle! This is a unique way to incorporate photos into your layout and gives your page some fun shapes to work with. Want to see the full layout? Check out this post! If you want to go the more minimalistic route but still want to add some fun movement to your page, consider cutting out sections of the circle using the stencil feature and then leave it empty. This will help event out a busy page, but retain the movement and background that the Swirl A la Carte offers.

For more ideas like this one, go download the free April Idea Book!

If you don’t want to use the stencil for photos you could layer fun patterned paper instead and then use it as a fun background for your photos! If you don’t feel like choosing, you could save two slots for photos, and two slots for paper!

2. Cut out 8 Instead of 4

By simply rotating the Swirl A la Carte while tracing out your stencil pieces, you can come out with not just four pieces, but eight! You can then use those eight slots for whatever you wanted!

  1. Add photos and paper 
  2. Add paper
  3. Add photos

Here comes double the trouble! Or double the fun? Using the same concepts as the original, you could add 8 photos to your Swirl A la Carte instead of 4 and make more room for other ideas to step forward! If you don’t have that many photos, you can do the original 4 photos and then add some paper to help break up the pattern and add more color and movement as Leslie did in her summer layout. If you don’t have a lot of photos but still want to find a way to incorporate the fun movement of the Swirl A la carte, simply layer it with paper you love! You could even throw in a sentiment car or journaling spot among all the slots you just created! You could even try this free printable that Mindy used on her One Page Layout. 

3. Just Cut Out The Circle

Just because the Swirl A la Carte has some fun stencil features doesn’t mean you have to use them! At least not in the way you think you do!

  1. Use it as a background
  2. Cut out the blades and use them elsewhere

The fun thing about the Swirl A la Carte was that it was designed to be just a bit bigger than the biggest ring in the Rings Accessory Set! This way you can use it in conjunction with the Rings Accessory Set, or you could use it as a background! This is especially fun if you’re creating a one-page layout and want to frame your photos without using the Photo Mats. But don’t throw out the stencil feature just yet! Instead of using them to layer photos or paper on top of your circle, you can trace and cut them out and then tuck them behind the Swirl A la Carte so that it looks like it’s bursting from the corner of your page! This is a great way to add some angles to a circle (since you know..circles don’t have angles, they’re all curves).

Add A Center

If you want to add a center to your Swirl A la Carte, here is a list of Designer Templates you can try!

The key takeaway is that you can make the Swirl A la Carte do whatever you need it to do! Need a lot of photos? Done! Just want to add one photo but still want to use the Swirl A la Carte? Done! Want to find a way to use that fun printable you just printed out? Done! See? So easy!

What's your favorite thing to do with the Swirl A la Carte? Let us know in the comments!

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