3 Ways To Add QR Codes To Your Scrapbooking Layout

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When To Add QR Codes

Adding QR codes to your scrapbooking layouts can make flipping through the album not only interactive and enjoyable but can also help you remember things you would have otherwise forgotten! Whether it’s while your scrapbooking or years after you’ve completed a layout, there’s always the option to add a QR Code!

Sometimes preparing beforehand can help make the creating process easier and more enjoyable! Susan has mentioned that she loves to make customized layout kits. She simply combines her paper and photos into one kit and then slips them into her file organizer where she can get to them later when she’s ready to scrapbook them. (for more information on customized layout kits, check out this post). Simply add a QR code to the mix and this makes sure that you can add your scrapbooking layout to your album instead of the to-be-finished pile of layouts that you still need to add QR codes to. This also eliminates any last-minute hassle or trying to force a QR code into limited space. If you’re not a fan of customizable kits or if you don’t have the paper you want yet, you can adhere the QR code to the bottom corner of the picture instead, as Susan did here, until you have everything you need.

Sometimes though, you discover a long-lost video and you want to add it to a finished layout. There’s hope! QR codes are easy to add no matter when or where you add them, even if it is years after you’ve completed a layout. For more information on how to create and print a QR code, check out this post.

When prepping QR codes, there are multiple ways you can add them to your scrapbooking layouts! You can print them with your journaling or you can add them independently! It’s up to you!

1. Print With Journaling

This option is good if you’re taking the time to prepare your QR codes beforehand. All you have to do is write up the journaling on a word doc, add the QR code, and print it out! For more information on how to do this as well as Designer Template suggestions, check out this post! The fun thing about this option is you can change it up! You can print out the journaling on a Designer Template or you can frame it using the Rings Accessory Set! No Journaling spot is the same, so don’t be afraid to play with it! If you find a video related to a layout you already completed and want to add it to a journaling spot you’ve already printed and finished, check out this next option!

2. Add To Pre-Existing Journaling

Just because a scrapbooking layout might be finished, doesn’t mean you still can’t add to it! If you end up finding a long-lost facebook video that relates to a layout you’ve already completed, there are still multiple ways you could include it! You can still create and print out your QR code independently and add it to an empty spot below, above, or next to your journaling spot. You can even use pop-up adhesive to add some fun dimension if you wanted! If there is no room near your journaling spot, you can add it to the corner of a border, other design elements on the page, or simply to the corner of your page!

Of course, this option doesn’t have to be an accident! If you like the way it looks, you can always plan to do this ahead of time and add the QR code to your customized layout kit beforehand just as it is and without the journaling spot.

3. Add To A Photo

If a video relates solely to one photo on your layout, you can opt-out of adding it to your journaling spots completely and simply add it to the corner of your photo! This is sure to catch the attention of anyone flipping through the album and a good way to minimize the space the QR code takes up. This option is good if you’re adding QR codes after you’ve finished a layout as well as adding during your scrapbooking session and even before! If you want to include it into your customized layout kit, just print out the QR code (keeping in mind the size of it), trim it up, and slip it into the kit or add it to the photo.

This is also a good option if you’re adding QR codes to pocket scrapbooking. Since pocket scrapbooking includes individual pockets, it’s always fun to include QR codes!

Watch Susan Add QR Codes to Past Layouts

What do you think? How do you like to add QR codes? Let is know in the comments!

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