2 Layout Ideas Using The April 2021 Kiwi Club Kit

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Turning Ordinary Events Into Magical Moments

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because the April 2021 Kiwi Club Kit paper is super fun and bright, that you can’t use everyday, ordinary photos! Debbie loved being able to take photos from ordinary events and framing them with bright paper and unique designs; watching them balance each other out into one beautiful layout or in this case two layouts.

Designer Templates Used:

Rainy Day Adventure

What a fun rainy day layout! The Splash Designer Templates and Cloud A la Carte were a perfect way to capture that cloudy day adventure, and the Funky Frills Border did a great job imitating the feeling of clouds in the sky with its cumulus curves. To add layers, simply pair the Abbie Road Border With Funky Frills. You could even use the Rings Accessory Set to frame journaling spots and sentiment cards like Debbie did. This was also a fun way to imitate the shape of the Swirl A la carte which created a repetitive pattern across the layout that’s pleasing to the eye. For more ideas on how you could use the Rings Accessory Set (and Lacey Trims), check out this post. 

There are multiple ways you can use the swirl a la Carte! You can use it as it is, tracing out pieces of paper or photos using the four stencil features, or you can rotate it and add four more stencil pieces for more layering options, which would cover the whole circle. That’s what Mindy did. You can take a look at her one-page layout here.

You could use all four stencil options for photos or all of them for just some fun patterned paper. This allows for fun layering options. You could even go half paper, half photos.  You don’t even have to add anything at all! Instead of using the stencil feature to add paper and photos, Susan used it to cut out sections of the paper and leave it empty, creating open space on her layout. You can go check that out in the April 2021 Idea Book!

If you decided to add photos to your Swirl a la Carte using the stencil feature, you can either adhere to the front or tuck behind. To tuck them behind, you trace and cut out the spots of paper and then tuck the pictures behind (like a window). If you want to adhere to the front, simply trace onto your pictures and cut them out, and then adhere them to the front. Leslie was inspired by this look and decided to give it a try in her own summer two-page layout. 

Designer Templates Used:

Mountain Adventures don’t always have to be full of earthy tones! Debbie sure doesn’t think so! The April 2021 Kiwi Club Kit paper went perfectly with this mountain adventure as it gave the perfect chance to use the Rings Accessory Set to create some rainbows around her layout. The Mountain A la carte and the Pine A la Carte partnered with the ridged edges of the Coastal highway Border Set created a mini-mountain range of its own, complete with its own weather system (aka the Cloud A la Carte that came with the April 2021 Kit and some rainbows).

Don’t forget about the detail work! By simply changing up the sizing of the rainbows using different Ring Designer Templates and adding an extra layer to your mountains, you can create simple diversity of shapes and depth on your layout. You can also add some washi tape, enamel dots, and/or tuck some Designer Templates behind your photos to add some fun detail work as well!

Download The Idea Book!

This Digital Kiwi Club Idea Book from April 2021 will inspire you to Play to Create! You will find all sorts of inspiration on these pages! Each Digital Idea Book is a collection of projects made specifically with that month’s Paper Crafting Kit.

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