Ideas For Your June 2020 Kiwi Club Kit

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12 Days Of Kiwi Club

With the year slowly coming to a close, we wanted to review the past 12 months of Kiwi Club projects! This is also a great chance for you to pull out whatever you have left in your Kiwi Club reserves and start finishing it off before the New Year!

June 2020 Kiwi Club

We always love seeing what everyone creates. There’s something magical about looking at a layout someone else created. Not only do we get inspired to create, but we also get a glimpse into someone else’s life, hobbies, relationships, and adventures! In other words, we connect with them even if we don’t know them! With that said, let’s have a look at the AWESOME June 2020 Kiwi Club Kit!

Here Are Some Projects Created By Community Members:

This kit was ‘Born To Be Awesome’ with it’s encouraging sentiment cards and exclusive designer templates perfect for adding angles to your next layout. Want to see it in action? Let’s take a look at some projects created by community members and get inspired!

Paper and Templates Kiwi Club

Templates Kiwi Club

Cards and Crafts

Lend An Ear For Day 7

We loved seeing what everyone created with the June Kiwi club Kit from beautiful one-page layouts to photos of all your loved ones. We encourage those of you who still have yet to use your Kiwi Club Kit to start playing! If you want more ideas on how to use your June 2020 Kiwi Club, go download the FREE  June Kiwi Club Idea Book and begin creating your own.

Keep an eye out for Day 7 of the 12 Day Christmas Countdown. We will be giving our love to the July 2020 Kiwi Club Kit!

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