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Summer Sunshine Sketch Challenge

Every 2nd and 4th Friday, Susan will go live and Play to Create with all of you! Watch her LIVE or check here on the blog to watch her process. She will either start with a sketch, or she will Play to Create, and we’ll make a sketch based off her design!

You can enter the sketch challenge by creating a layout based off the sketch we share below. To submit your project, add a photo to our post on our Play-to-Create with Kiwi Lane Facebook Group.

Submit Your Project

You have 2 weeks (Until 11:59pm CST on July 4th ) to submit and be entered into a random drawing where one Lucky Kiwi Lane Fan will win, for this challenge, a $25 Kiwi Lane Gift Certificate. We will also select a handful of projects to share on the bottom of this blog post!

Here’s the layout Susan created LIVE!

Watch Susan Create This Layout

Time for a sketch challenge! Create your own layout using this sketch as a jumping off point. Don’t have the exact templates? Play to Create! Replace the templates used in the sketch with the ones in your personal collection. Once you’ve created your layout, share it with us. We love seeing all of your creations!

Download the sketch, print it off, and take it with you to Scrapbook!
Print the Sketch to Play Along

Submit to win!

This sketch doesn’t come with a list of Kiwi Lane Designer Templates to use. It’s a simple sketch to spark your Creativity and Free Play!

Submit Your Project

Submissions are due by 11:59pm CST on July 4th.

We had so many great layouts submitted this week we decided we had to share them all. Here they are:

6/21/19 Sketch submission by: Susan Lorraine Cooper Hay

Layout By: Susan Lorraine Cooper Hay

Layout By: Pamela Clark Brunet

6/21/19 sketch submission by: Darcy Armstrong Iafano

Layout By: Darcy Armstrong Iafano

Layout By: Judy Buchanan Baker

6/21/19 sketch submission by: Stephanie Jaeger Paulson

Layout By: Stephanie Jaeger Paulson

6/21/19 sketch submission by: Nicole Hansen

Layout By: Nicole Hansen

6/21/19 sketch by: Karla Owens

Layout By: Karla Owens

6/21/19 sketch by: Marie Jorgensen Warner

Layout By: Marie Jorgensen Warner

6/21/19 sketch by: Elaine Morabito Petraglia

Layout By: Elaine Morabito Petraglia

6/21/19 sketch by Mary Zinzel Snyder

Layout By: Mary Zinzel Snyder

6/21/19 sketch by Deb Wade

Layout By: Deb Wade

6/21/19 sketch by: Lisa McGushion

Layout By: Lisa McGushion

6/21/19 Sketch By: Amy Jussel

Layout By: Amy Jussel

6/21/19 layout by: Karina Alvarez Carnevale

Layout By: Karina Alvarez Carnevale

6/21/19 sketch by: Shawnna Emery Gee

Layout By: Shawnna Emery Gee

6/21/19 sketch by: Debbie Kiser McGrath

Layout By: Debbie Kiser McGrath

6/21/19 sketch by Mary Hartmann-Bowden

8 1/2″ x 11″ Layout By: Mary Hartmann-Bowden

6/21/19 sketch by: Leslie Hayes

Layout By: Leslie Hayes

6/21/19 sketch by: Kelly Reith Przeklasa

Layout By: Kelly Reith Przeklasa

6/21/19 sketch by: Sheri Lewis Pugh

Layout By: Sheri Lewis Pugh

6/21/19 sketch by: Janis Timmons

Layout By: Janis Timmons

6/21/19 sketch by: Karen Kilpatrick

Layout By: Karen Kilpatrick

6/21/19 sketch by: Patricia Miele Hill

Layout By: Patricia Miele Hill

6/21/19 sketch by: Denise Merritt

Layout By: Denise Merritt

Layout By: Christina Steel

6/21/19 sketch by: Ethel Moore

Layout By: Ethel Moore

6/21/19 sketch by: Maria Tomlin

Layout By: Maria Tomlin

6/21/19 sample by: Marlene Eddy

Layout By: Marlene Eddy

6/21/19 sketch by: Diana Elizabeth Stehm Tuttle

Layout By: Diana Elizabeth Stehm Tuttle

6/21/19 sketch by: Melissa Bartlett

Layout By: Melissa Bartlett

6/21/19 sketch by: Wanda D Green

Text By: Wanda D Green

6/21/19 sketch by: Sherry Waite

Layout By: Sherry Waite

6/21/19 sketch by: Melinda Beltrami

Layout By: Melinda Beltrami

Our Winner

Thanks to everyone who played along with our sketch challenge.  We saw such amazing projects submitted by you all this round we were in awe! We loved seeing all of your layouts!! Our lucky random winner of $25 in Kiwi Lane Points is Marie Jorgensen Warner who submitted the below layout she made based off of our sketch! CONGRATULATIONS Marie!! 

6/21/19 sketch by: Marie Jorgensen Warner