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Wrap your next DIY style creation with this wood Wreath that will add dimension and interest. Whether you’re creating a sophisticated wall decoration, a more homey piece for your tier tray, or a thoughtful gift, this garland of leaves will add the perfect touch.

LOVE THIS LOOK? Enhance your creation by pairing the Wreath with the 7” Shiplap Circle.

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Wreath is a wooden silhouette of a garland of leaves that will complete your DIY Style. This unfinished wood piece can be dressed up or down to complement the style you want to achieve, whether you’re covering it in a favorite green patterned paper for a more natural look or primping up with gold paint for a suave, sophisticated appearance. 

It fits perfectly on the 7” Shiplap Circle, and even so well that you can use two together to create a complete wreath border around it. And that’s just the beginning! We look forward to seeing what you Play-To-Create. 

Size Estimate: 4.14″ x 6.3″

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Weight 0.3 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 4.75 × 0.35 in


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