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The Scissors A la carte is as versatile as any tool. Use the Scissors A la carte to commemorate your favorite project, you as a creator doing what you enjoy, a first haircut, a school project, or a get-together! What are you going to create?

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Scissors are just one of the tools of your craft, but they are perhaps one of the most iconic. Through the art of cutting, you are creating shapes, designs, curves, corners and angles that you arrange into beautiful pages of cherished memories. Celebrate creating via this cute and iconic LIMITED TIME A la carte. The Scissors A la carte is simple and adorable, but it is also a fun addition to any layout that celebrates you as a creator.

You’ll also love to include these scissors on scrapbook pages dedicated to other activities where you’ll be pulling out your handy scissors like:

  • Scrapbook Crops
    • Anytime you get together with those you create with, you’ll want to snap a few photos to scrapbook at the next crafting get together!
  • Sewing projects
    • Not to forget knitting, embroidery, or quilting projects!
  • Kids’ crafts and school assignments
    • Record the creation of that piece of art you’ve lovingly taped to the fridge and give it a new home in your scrapbook. 
  • Haircuts
    • A new hairstyle is always a time for photos, whether it’s fun and stylish or a disaster that you’ll laugh at years down the line. 

There are a few ways you can make these Scissors your own and unique on every paper craft. This Scissors template has two stencil spaces in the handle so you can either cut the holes out and see the paper beneath, or you can use these spaces to layer paper on top with ease! There is also the outline of where the scissors joint would be so you can add a fun element like doodling, paint, buttons, brads, or Stickles. 

The Scissors A la carte measures approximately 3.4″ x 2.2″ in inches. 

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Dimensions 5 × 3.25 × 0.1 in


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