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These idea books are overflowing with ideas. Each sample includes a featured list of the Designer Templates used, allowing you to re-create a similar design easily or simply use it as a jumping off point as you Play-to-Create your own. 

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Kiwi Lane Idea Book Vol 3

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Card Idea Book

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Special Bundle Includes:

  • Scrapbooking Idea Book #3
  • Card Idea Book
Scrapbooking Idea Book #3

Inside Kiwi Lane Idea Book Vol 3, you will find beautiful photos of nearly 300 scrapbooking layouts. Each one bursting with ideas for designs that use our Designer Templates. You will also find many helpful tips, as well as links to articles and videos to inspire you. Keep this volume with your scrapbooking materials so you’re never without an idea.

Note: Volume 3 only features scrapbooking layouts.

This third volume of the Kiwi Lane Idea Book will show you so many different ways you can design with Kiwi Lane Designer Templates. A box may just be a box, but there are so many different ways you can use each Designer Template. It can be as simple as changing the paper you’re using. It can be as adventurous as using the Designer Template for a sewing project. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. All of the various layouts will get your creativity flowing so that you too can create gorgeous unique layouts. 

Card Idea Book

In this 6×6 card idea book, you will discover just how fun and easy it is to create unique handmade cards with Kiwi Lane Designer Templates. With an endless assortment of paper and Designer Templates, your design options are limitless. This card idea book will inspire you to create a stylish card in no time at all. We’ve also thrown in a few DIY paper projects, QR links to step by step directions, and free printables to inspire your creativity.

The card idea book has so many samples and examples, but they’re just a taste of what you can do. Of course, you could replicate the cards in this book, but once you begin, you’ll start creating your own unique cards. It may start with simply changing the paper you use because the paper makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your card. Soon enough, you’ll be designing cards that are completely your own!

Includes 176 pages, full color. Over 350 card ideas and 45 DIY paper crafting ideas.


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