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Get inspired to create your own cards with this card-sized Card Idea Book. In this 6×6 card idea book, you will discover just how fun and easy it is to create unique handmade cards with Kiwi Lane Designer Templates. With an endless assortment of paper and Designer Templates, your design options are limitless. This card idea book will inspire you to create a stylish card in no time at all. We’ve also thrown in a few DIY paper projects, QR links to step by step directions, and free printables to inspire your creativity.

The card idea book has so many samples and examples, but they’re just a taste of what you can do. Of course, you could replicate the cards in this book, but once you begin, you’ll start creating your own unique cards. It may start with simply changing the paper you use because the paper makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your card. Soon enough, you’ll be designing cards that are completely your own!

Includes 176 pages, full color. Over 350 card ideas and 45 DIY paper crafting ideas.

    Additional Info

    6″ x 6″ BOOK – 176 pages (88 sheets) + cover, PUR perfect bound,
    Cover: #80 gloss cover, 4/4c printed.
    Inside Pages: Text #80 gloss paper, 4/4c printed.
    Packaging: Each book is shrink wrapped.

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This item: Card Idea Book

In stock

$ 25.00
$ 25.00

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