Scrapbooking Using 11 Photos or More

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Scrapbooking Using 11 Photos…or More

Before we begin we would like to note that when scrapbooking using a lot of photos, you might want to consider using our Photo Set and Photo Mats. These templates help visualize the use of your space in consideration of your photos as well as cropping photos accurately down in size to make more space on your layout.

Now that it has been said, here are three ways to get you started on that stash of photos you have.

Photo Booth Style

Before printing your massive collection of photos, consider printing them a specific way. You can print them as a strip of pictures horizontal or vertical like you would see in a photo booth!

Create a Collage

When you have a handful of photos, we suggest creating collages. As you can see, Staci utilized her space by making a photo collage that resembled a three tier cake (how cute!). If you have more photos than that, consider making the cake longer and splitting it across the two pages.

File Folder Album

Now this one can seem controversial since we’re talking scrapbooking, but If you have a lot of photos with a common theme, try making a file folder album instead. You can add photos to as many pages you desire or slip them into pockets of your design.

We Want To Hear From You!

Whats your high score of photos on a layout? What has been some of your favorite collages over the years? Let us know, we would love to hear from you! (We actually want to know if you can beat 11 photos…)

Check Out The Video

Check out the video below if you want to see Staci Shuck create her collage layout beginning to end.

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