As many of you are aware, a couple of years ago we decided to take Kiwi Lane in the direction of a Home Party company. Our goal was to partner with others who loved creativity and believed in the Play-To-Create System as much as we did. Also, we believe in the power of earning money doing something you love, and wanted to share the opportunity to do so with others, deepening the sense of fulfillment that they received from the creative endeavors in their life, by providing a platform for them to share their love of scrapbooking, card-making and more with others.

As a result of the decision to become a ‘Direct Sales’ company, a new opportunity arose for a few of our Instructors to become members of our Founders Club. We officially announced the future establishment of our Founders Club a little over a year ago, at our very first Kiwi Lane Instructor Convention, and just this past September, the opportunity to qualify as a member of this group came to an end. The qualifications for becoming a Founders Club Member were not simple, and achieving them took time and a lot of hard work on the part of those who achieved it.

We are very pleased to formally congratulate our Founders Group Club members. We had the opportunity to ask each of them a few questions, and wanted to share with you a bit about their passion and their journeys with Kiwi Lane so far. Enjoy clicking on each of their images below and reading their stories.

founders group members