We are very pleased to formally congratulate our Founders Group Club member Kayleen Voelker. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions and wanted to share with you a bit about her passion and her journey with Kiwi Lane so far.

What is the mission of your business?

Ultimately, it is for people to leave a legacy for their families, and to accomplish that, my mission is to ask enough questions to get them started and see where it takes them.

What does that mean to you, and how do you find ways to implement that into your business?

I LOVE that my kids will drag out their albums and show them to anyone that wants to look at them. It gives them a sense of belonging to something more than just themselves. It shows them how many people love and care for them!

Igniting (Kindling, burning, exploding)
Joy (Happiness, Delight, Pleasure, Enjoyment, Bliss)
I truly believe that scrapbooking is way down deep inside of me. It is definitely my happy place. I truly receive so much JOY in completing pages for my family, and I love when I can share that joy and excitement with other people. I have always found a way to create, and it is my form and relaxation, and “my get away from it all”!!!

What do you love about having your very own Kiwi Lane Business?

I love that I can help people complete amazing albums quickly. I also LOVE seeing that light bulb go off when they “get it”!!! Then their minds start going about all of the wonderful projects they can complete.

What is one of the things you have learned so far in your business that has helped you that you would share with another Instructor?

Work together as a team. Even though you do have your own business, bounce ideas off of each other and get that network dialog going. You will be amazed at what you come up with that is a new take or spin on something you have been doing, and it creates tremendous growth and avenues for you that you would not have found on your own! I LOVE NETWORKING!!!

What does Play-to-Create mean to you and how do you apply it in your business, or how would like to apply it?

Play-to-Create for me is a way to express myself in ways I never knew I could. I LOVE to try new things in my business and see what the outcome is, tweak it and try something different. Business is always moving and does not stay the same, and we have to move with it!

What would you tell someone that has never tried Kiwi Lane products before?

I usually have them try out a card or watch a demo. I always tell them to just start with a 12” border and see where that takes them. They can create so many beautiful layouts with just one border set and all of their own goodies. I LOVE it when they can incorporate our products into what they already do.

What would you tell a new scrapbooker or card maker? Or what advice would you give a newbie?

I ask a lot of questions to learn what is most important to them, to find out if there is a specific project they would like to work on, or if they want to start out with cards, and see where that takes them. I am willing to meet them where they are and let them know that it is their project, and I am here to help them with whatever they are interested in doing. I have one lady that just wanted to make a banner to hang up for her daughter’s birthday, and then we went from there. She is now completing heritage albums for her family! This is a person who has never scrapbooked before.

Congrats Kayleen!

We are so excited to partner with you in this journey.

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