Meet Founder Group Member Heather Turner

We are very pleased to formally congratulate our Founders Group Club member Heather Turner. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions and wanted to share with you a bit about her passion and her journey with Kiwi Lane so far.

What do you love about having your very own Kiwi Lane Business?

I love having my Kiwi Lane business because it allows me to work from home doing something I enjoy doing. It also pushes me to do things that are outside my comfort zone. I have now done things I didn’t think I was capable of, and I am willing to do them again with confidence! It also allows me to meet so many new and wonderful people that I would never have met if I wasn’t selling Kiwi Lane.

What would you tell a new scrapbooker or card maker? Or what advice would you give a newbie?

I always ask people that have never tried Kiwi Lane before if they like the look of the finished layouts. If they do, which almost everyone does, I tell them it is so easy to create the same feeling layouts of their own. Then I explain how, with the Play-to-Create system, they literally can just grab a border pair from a set and start playing on their background paper. They just build from there. It is so much easier if you take it one step at a time, adding the next step of templates until you have your layout complete. THEN you worry about the paper. It is very fast and simple. It is a perfect system for new scrapbookers!!! Scrapbooking these days can become so complicated, and that is just not necessary.

Heather Turner

What is one of the things you have learned so far in your business that has helped you that you would share with another Instructor?

The one big piece of advice that I like to give new instructors is to be honest with customers and potential customers. Most people can see right through a lie and will resent you for trying to trick them into something. With my customers, I have found that when I am open and honest about the product, about who I am, and about why I am there, they are honest with me about what they think. I respect the truth and don’t take it personally. I am not a Kiwi Lane template or layout, even if I created the layout. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. I also put more emphasis on the person, not the sale. That is the most enjoyable thing to me: getting to know people. From my Kiwi Lane booth, customers and I have solved the problems of the schools, roads, poverty, and society just by talking!!! I have decided that the government should put us scrapbooKers in charge!!! We can come up with some amazing, unique solutions to the world’s problems!!! (“Oh, and you want to try those template sets? Sure!”)

What is the mission of your business?

I like to share a personal story with new scrapbookers. I stress that it is so important to get those pictures and memories into a scrapbook for future generations. My daughter was coming out of a marriage that left her feeling unlovable and lost. She started to question what was wrong with her. I brought out both the scrapbooks and home movies of her childhood, and we spent an afternoon just remembering, laughing and crying together. That was a pivotal point in her life. She remembered that she had a quiet, sweet childhood. She came back to the realization that she was deeply loved and valued, and she left my home with a sense of belonging to something that was bigger than herself. All of those scrapbooks that had sat neglected on the shelf for years were not just a hobby or a waste of time. Even if we don’t realize it for years, or never see it in our lifetime, those scrapbooks full of our memories and the events of our lives are treasures for the future generations. I tell people that, truthfully, it doesn’t matter how they put the pictures and journaling on the pages, just make sure they get onto pages. That is my purpose, my mission, to encourage people to get their memories down onto paper somehow. And to do it honestly. Don’t sugar coat the reality of what happened to make it sound better. Your goal is to tell the story, the true story.

Congrats Heather!

We are so excited to partner with you in this journey.

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