Make Your Own Halloween Treats

Make Your Own Halloween Treats

It feels a bit crazy to say, but Halloween is almost upon us! The days are growing cooler and the leaves are changing colors. This also means that the holiday crafting season can officially begin! And what better way to celebrate the first (and spookiest) holiday then to create some cute treats for those special ghosts and goblins in your life. Using your Tiny Holiday and Halloween Designer Template sets, there are many ways to Kiwi-fy your Halloween.

Pumpkin Sucker Holder

For this adorable pumpkin sucker holder, I first cut a 2” x 6” strip of paper. You can trim the length of this down if needed depending on the type of sucker you are using.

Next, I folded it into thirds, placed the sucker inside with the stick pointing up and stapled the top shut. I then traced and cut out a pumpkin using Tiny Holiday #4T, inked its edges and adhered it to the front of the folded strip. You could also include a Halloween message to your pumpkin by printing it on your scrapbooking paper, and then tracing around it with your 4T template, adding a little something extra to the finished product.

Finally, tie some string or raffia around the stick to represent the vines and you have a cute and simple Halloween treat.

For another twist on the sucker treat, I also used Halloween 2 and created a pocket style topper. First, fold your chosen paper in half so that its pattern is running vertically upward from the fold. Then line up your Designer Template so that the bottom of the pumpkin is even with the folded edge.

You will then trace around your template and cut out both layers of paper at once. Make sure not to cut along the bottom fold! This leaves the two sides of your pumpkin attached at the bottom, and open at the top. You will notice that in the middle of the bottom edge of the pumpkin template is a slight peak. Simply make a small snip with your scissors to cut out this notch. This creates a hole in the bottom of your paper pumpkin, through which you will slide the stick of your sucker. After sliding my sucker inside, I took some coordinating embroidery floss and a needle and sewed the edges of the pumpkin closed with a simple stitch, creating a pocket around the sucker.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are another awesome halloween treat for kids and moms alike. Every mom wants their little trick or treaters to be seen on Halloween night. I used #4 from my Halloween Accessory Set to cut out this spider web shape. I simply cut a couple of slits in the paper that were long enough to allow a glow stick to pass through them. Add a creepy spider ring, and you have a treat that every kid will love.

Ghostly Gumballs

Finally, what little monster doesn’t like gumballs? You can find these cute plastic tubes at most craft stores. I filled this one with some festive, colored gumballs and used Tiny Holiday #5T to create this cute Halloween tag to tie to the top. You can print the wording from your computer, use the designer template to trace around your message, cut and ink the edges and you are done!