Shelly Kallach

It is always exciting when a Kiwi Lane Instructor Advances in their Kiwi Lane Business. Today we would like to recognize Shelly Kallach of Cincinnati, OH. We had the opportunity to ask Shelly a little bit about the Play-To-Create System and her Kiwi Lane Business and we hope you enjoy reading along and learning more about her. 

What I like about the Play-To-Create system?

I like that it allows me to be creative; to arrange the templates until what I dream the layout will look like becomes a reality. The ability to change things at any time without ever making a cut into my photos or paper. To know that every layout will be beautiful and that perfection never plays a role in the process. It has rekindled my love for preserving my most precious memories.

Why I became a Kiwi Lane Instructor?

I become an instructor because I needed that spark to get me Scrapbooking again after being in such a long slump. Having 3 kids, including twins, in all sorts of athletics takes up a lot of time. When I saw Kiwi Lane for the first time, (it was a picture of a layout), I was wowed!! I thought the layout just popped and understood the system to be quick, so that I wouldn’t spend so much time just staring at 2 blank background sheets wondering what I was going to do to give certain chosen photos their justice.

And now, almost 3 years later, I am working hard on my business and helping my team become they best that they can be. I am a helper by nature, so I love that being an instructor with a team gives me that opportunity to help others.

Where you currently live:

Cincinnati, Ohio area

Where you are from:

Cleveland, Ohio area

Instructor ID: 


Your favorite Designer Template Set:


How long you have been scrapbooking?

Since 1997, my first child was 2 – neighbor was with Creative Memories and from that day on, I was hooked!

When did you first begin using the Play-To-Create System?

When I became an instructor – August 2015

How long have you been a Kiwi Lane Instructor?

Since August 2015 – coming up on 3 years!

One of Shelly’s 2-page Layouts:

Congratulations on your Advancement

Shelly Kallach

We LOVE watching your Kiwi Lane business grow and we are happy to have you as part of the Kiwi Lane Family!!

(Keep Up the Great Work)