Instructor Highlight

Linda Hanson

Meet Linda Hanson, one of our Kiwi Lane Instructors from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Recently Susan (one of our Co-Founders) had a chance to chat with Linda Hanson. Linda has been a long time customer and joined our Kiwi Lane team of Instructors about a year ago. Linda loves to teach others about the Play-to-Create system, demonstrating how easy it is. She loves sharing with her customers how

“With Kiwi Lane Templates I didn’t need a lot of paper and my customers are amazed how little it took to make a page/spread look so pretty.”

According to Linda, “I just love sharing Kiwi Lane so much, if I could afford it, I would just give it away!” Haha! Linda, we sure love your passion and desire to share our products with others. We are so glad to have you as part of our Kiwi Lane Family.

Here are a few pictures of Linda helping a few of her customers Play-to-Create.

Linda Hanson

Attention Instructors:
You can listen to this full conversation between Susan and Linda by clicking on the link in the “Memory Lane Newsletter” that was just emailed to you. So, make sure to check your inbox and the next time you are creating, click the play button to listen as you do a little playing yourself!

Thank You

Linda Hanson

For all you do to share our products with all those you meet. We are so happy to have you represent Kiwi Lane!!