Annis Monforte

Where you currently live:

Hamilton NJ

Where you are from:

Cambridge, England

Your favorite Designer Template Set:


How long you have been scrapbooking?

18 years

When did you first begin using the Play-to-Create System?

When I received my kit in Aug 2016.

How long have you been a Kiwi Lane Instructor?

2 years.

Christmas Wreath

Check out this adorable wreath Annis created.

How did you discover Kiwi Lane?

I discovered Kiwi Lane at an Expo. I would see them there every year and be amazed by the beauty of the pages in their albums. I was a little intimidated at first I must admit.

Why did you become an Independent Kiwi Lane Instructor?

I became an Instructor to be able to afford to attend more weekend crops with my friends. Vending and teaching classes as a Kiwi Lane Instructor at events would pay for my event, and allow many weekends away. These weekends are so much fun, and much needed time to de-stress.

Other Kiwi Projects Created by Annis

Thank You

Annis Monforte

We are so happy to have you represent Kiwi Lane and share your love our products with all those you meet. Keep up the great work!!