How to Scrapbook Kids School Papers

school papers

School Begins

I love scrapbooking back to school pictures! It is so fun to see how much your kids have grown, and to compare that growth between the years. But what do you do with all of the school paper work that they bring home? Add them to the scrapbook of course!

Back To School
Scrapbooking School Papers

Designer Templates Used:

Large Brackets (1) Strips (1″) Autumn (3) Playtime (4) Tiny Brackets (3T) & Tiny Holiday (4T)

First I have to say how perfect our Crisp Memories Layout kit was for this project. It really had the perfect colors and patterns for any school memories you’re trying to preserve.

With just one Layout Kit I created two one-pagers and a couple of pocket pages.


Here is a video to give you a close look at those one-page layouts: