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Paper Pumpkins

Paper Pumpkins

Designed by Shiloh Jorgensen

Designer Templates Used: Happy Trails, Tiny Shapes, Tiny Holiday, & Tiny Accents.

Paper By: My Mind’s Eye.

Here are the steps to create your own paper pumpkin.

Step 1: Cut and ink the happy trails strips – 16 full-size trails for the large pumpkin and 7 full-size trails, cut in half, making 14 for the small. I used 2 patterns of double-sided paper to make the trails.  

Step 2: Cut 2 circles out of chipboard – Tiny Shapes #7 for large pumpkin / Tiny Shapes #3 for small pumpkin

Step 3: Hot glue each of the strips to the circle one at a time like the picture below.

Step 4: Add a paper circle to cover where you hot glued at the bottom. Now, using the other chipboard circle, bend the strips up and hot glue to 2nd circle…one piece at a time.

Step 5: To create the top, decide on the shapes you would like to use and cut them out. I used Tiny Accents & Tiny Shapes. After you have inked them and adhered the pieces together, cut a slit in the top.   

Step 6: Use the end of the Happy Trails Template to create a paper stem. To make the stem the same pattern on both sides, trace about 3 inches of the trail onto the pattern paper that you want to use. Then flip the template over and trace that same 3 inches on the pattern paper again. Cut both pieces out and adhere together so that both sides are the same pattern. Ink the stem then insert 1/2 an inch through the slit and bend at the back until it lays flat. Glue the bent part to the back. Then Hot glue the entire stem/shape piece to the top of the pumpkin. Embellish with other tiny Accessory sets and twine to complete the look.

Halloween Pen Toppers

Use your leftover paper to make these fun pen toppers! They were created using My Mind’s Eye paper, Halloween, Tiny Holiday, Tiny Shapes, Tiny Accents, Tiny Nature, Nature, and Adventure Designer Template sets.

Prize Ribbons

Using Tiny shapes, cut a circle out for the back of the prize ribbon ( I used a lightweight chipboard). Hot glue ribbon around the edge. Cut some ribbon or burlap to use for the long ribbon pieces. Staple onto the circle. Print wording and use the Tiny Shapes small circle to trace and cut the wording out. Use the larger Tiny Shapes circle to create a matte for the small circle and adhere the 2 together. Add pop tape to the back of the circle and place in the middle. Hot Glue a pin to the back to complete the prize ribbon.

Bottle Label

Using Strips and Adventure Designer Template sets – My Mind’s Eye paper

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