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gail_owensHello there!

Gail Owens here with a few more tips to share along with a home decor project! I know, ANOTHER home decor project?! Yes, but this is the last one in my three part series. Then it’s back to cards and layouts… and maybe another decor piece thrown in on occasion.

So, here is the project that I came up with using my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates:

Fall Wreath - Home decor

This beautiful wreath was so much fun to make! I found the grapevine wreath at a thrift store with some rather scraggly looking flowers and ribbon on it. It was just begging to be turned into something beautiful, and I took it upon myself to make it so!

The first thing I did was rip out all of the dusty, faded flowers and throw them away.

*TIP: When you repurpose an older item, make sure you look over the entire item and note any areas that you may have to cover or work around, and adjust your design to accommodate those areas.  

I did notice that there were a few spots that were damaged. A bit of white paint, a glob of dried glue that wouldn’t come off and a small part where it looked like something attempted to smash the wreath. Just a few minor things that needed to be covered by my design.

Now that my wreath was ready, I needed a plan. I knew this decor project would be going on the wall with the two other home decor pieces I had previously made (you can find the blog posts for those HERE and HERE) and I knew I wanted it to group well with them, so that meant I would be using warm colors. I also wanted some sort of flower. With that in mind, I gathered some paper in shades of yellow, orange, red and brown and began the Play to Create process with my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates. I ended up with a few different sizes of something resembling a sunflower.)


I started cutting out a bunch of different flower shapes in a few color combinations along with brown circles (for the center of the flower). Here are a couple of examples of what I ended up with:

assembling a flower

creating a flower

Along with the obvious sunflower/sun shape found in the Nature and Tiny Nature template sets, you can use the five-pointed flower/star shape found in the Christmas and Tiny Holiday template sets (just make an additional layer to create more petals).

*TIP: Use multiple layers to build a full, dimensional flower.

I ended up cutting out way more layers than I needed, but I’d much rather have too many layers than discover that I have too few later on in the process.

Now that I had all my layers cut, I wanted to make them look a little less…well, flat. Did you know that if you run a large ball stylus around the edge of paper, it will curl your paper? This is exactly how I made my flowers a little more three dimensional.

Here’s what it looks like:


*TIP: If you don’t have a large ball stylus, use anything with a rounded tip that will slide along the paper without tearing it. The end of a crochet hook works, as does the end of some pens.

After I had my layers curled, I used a variety of small hole punches to add some texture to the circles that would make up the top layer on the center of the flower.

My layers were all ready to become flowers, so I grabbed my trusty glue gun and started assembling. I ended up with an assortment of colors and sizes to choose from:

Flowers Sunflowers

I grabbed some burlap paper, used the leaf templates from the Nature and Tiny Nature template sets and made a few leaves. Then I assembled my supplies for making my wreath:


Why the scissors and stapler you ask? To add dimension to my leaves! Since these leaves weren’t going on a flat surface, I wanted them to have a little more structure and not fold over on themselves once the wreath was hung on my wall.

*TIP: Here’s how you add some stability and dimension to flat leaves:

First, cut a slit from the stem end of the leaf towards the center:


Next: bring the sides of the cut together, crossing over each other and staple (this part will be hidden so you don’t have to make it pretty):

adding dimension

Now you have a leaf with some dimension!


Ok, so it’s kind of hard to see in this photo, but by crossing the cut pieces and securing them with the stapler, I’ve forced my flat leaf to have a bit of a curve in it.

Now that the leaves are ready, I started gluing things on my wreath. I started with my burlap ribbon (not in the photo- sorry! Didn’t realize that I’d cropped it out until it was too late!). I pulled the center string of my ribbon to gather it and make it ruffled instead of flat. Once I had enough ruffled ribbon, I wrapped it around the wreath, making sure I covered the problem areas I mentioned earlier. Next, I chose my flowers. I started with the largest one first, then worked my way out to the smaller ones. Last, I added my leaves, filling in anything that looked a little empty:

home decor

And my wreath was done! I grabbed my other two projects and hung them all on the wall in my dining area:

Dining Area Home Decor Wall

I love this arrangement on my wall! And to think- I didn’t use any fancy machines or expensive tools. I used supplies I had on hand and my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates and was able to have fun and Play to Create this beautiful home decor!

I’d love to see what you Play to Create! You can post a link here on the Kiwi Lane blog, or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We love it when you share your creativity with us!

Designer Templates Used:

Nature 1,5

Christmas 3

Tiny Nature 1T,5T

Tiny Holiday 7T

Tiny Accents 5T

Tiny Shapes 3T,7T

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