DIY Disney Christmas Card

Disney Christmas Card


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I recently had a friend ask me if I could help her with a Christmas gift. She wanted cards made for her kids to announce their trip to Disneyland. It involved playing with paper and embellishments, so of course I said I’d be happy to help! I grabbed my Kiwi Lane templates and started to Play to Create! Here’s what I ended up with:
Disney Christmas Card

Here’s what I thought!

I had a little bit of a vision in my head before I started- I knew I wanted some of those famous mouse ears and a Santa hat. I also grabbed some other embellishments from my stash that I thought might add a little more dimension to the card- some jewels, holly, buttons and letter stickers. I flipped though my circle shaped templates and found the combination that worked well on a 4.25″x5.5″ card (Tiny Shapes 7T and Tiny Holiday 6T). I arranged my circles to make the mouse shape and traced it onto black card stock. Then I found the hat shape in the Enchanted accessory set (Enchanted 6). The template has a curved point, but I modified it when I cut it out of red card stock so it had a straight point. I also cut out the brim of the had from white card stock. Here’s what everything looked like while creating my card:

Kiwi Christmas Card / Supplies

Here’s how to put the card together:

Layer red card stock and yellow/white polka dot paper on a white card base. Add the black mouse ears. The mouse ears are larger than the card, so leave some hanging over the edges and trim off the excess. For the Santa hat, fold the tip over at an angle that looks good to you and adhere. Adhere the white brim, add a button for the tip and some holly leaves with red jewel berries and add it to the mouse ears. Now add some small letter stickers to the corner (whatever message you want), and you’re done!

This is such a fun and easy holiday card! I hope my friend loves them and her kiddos love their Christmas present!!

-Gail Owens

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