Luau Layout with Palm TreesSusan BudgeNature, Tiny Nature, Scallops & Abbie Road

I pulled out some pictures that I had of a Luau-themed birthday party a couple of years ago, and after playing with my Designer Templates for a little while I came up with this fun idea for a palm tree using the above sets as inspiration.

I used Nature #5 as well as Tiny Nature #5T for an extra, layered effect to create the top of my palm tree. Then I drew on Scallops #1A, and #1B to make the base of the tree.

Palm Tree

This design became my jumping-off point (and I loved it!), and from there I grabbed my other Designer Templates and began to design the rest of my layout. It came together so quickly. For this particular layout, I focused on designing only one side of my layout, and then I just mirrored the design for the other page. Easy peasy!


What Patterns Should I Use?

Then all I needed to do was decide what patterns to pull in from my paper. For a bit of both fun and Inspiration, I decided to ask for a little help from some of our Kiwi lane Instructors! They were a huge help as you can see in this video.

Then it was time to Trace, Cut and Replace!

To create the base of my tree, I simply traced one edge of the scallop onto my paper, as I would normally…

…then I flipped the template over and traced the other side as well. Voila! A tree trunk!

tree trunk

For the foliage of the tree, I traced my Nature and Tiny Nature pieces on the green patterned paper, and cut them out. To add some texture, I used my scissors to snip the edges of my paper palm leaves. It was easy and effective!

I was glad to get around to scrapbooking these memories, and to have a page that is a little piece of me creatively, and also brings a piece of my personal history to life!

Order any of the sets featured in this layout from your Kiwi Lane Instructor or online HERE.

Templates Used:

Abbie Road (3A,3B) Scallops (1A,1B) Strips (1″) Nature (5) Tiny Nature (5T)

Paper Used:

Kiwi Lane Splash Of Sunshine Layout Kit

Luau Layout with Palm Trees

What is your most recent memory that includes palms trees?

Have you scrapped it yet?

Share with us below!