Hello Kiwi Friends! 

We want to invite you to join us for our Craft-In event! Many of you may find yourselves spending more time indoors due to rules regarding ‘Social Distancing’. What a great opportunity to engage in some good old fashioned creativity! We may be distant but we can still be social! Not to mention how many benefits creativity has on you…. not only mentally, but physically, and spiritually.

So let’s create together! We have put together a schedule of events, that we will be hosting, filled with fun challenges,  ideas, and even some random giveaways – just to help lighten everyones spirits a little right now.  We will be hosting these over on our FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE. 

For you that are scrapbookers, what a great chance to catch up on preserving some of the memories that you’ve made. And focusing in on what you’ve experienced and all of the things that you have to be grateful for is the perfect antidote. 

For card-makers, what a perfect time to create and send a handmade sentiment to the people that you love! Let them know that you’re thinking of them, and take your mind off of your own worries for a while.

And maybe some of you are looking to create something cute to go in your home…whatever project you work on, creativity is such a powerful and proven way to enrich your life, reinforce your health and ease your worries.

What a great way to spend your time in a meaningful way. 

Plus to help lighten everyones spirits a little, on top of our challenges and giveaways that anyone can participate in, we will be doing a special once in a lifetime deal from March 19th-23rd! Save 30% site-wide on everything but Kiwi Club and Kiwi Template Club. While Supplies last.

Use Coupon Code craftin30 to save 30%!

To help you plan for creating, check out our schedule below:

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  1. I know a lot of sewers are making masks in their communities, but I wonder what I can do with cards. I know how to mass produce without every card looking identical. Where can I get in touch with an organization and make cards to boost their spirits, at this difficult time?

    1. Nancy, did you talk to anyone? I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this, but I will pass your e-mail onto support and have them contact you to see if you still need help.