Christmas Gift Tags With Free Printable

Christmas Gift Tags

Need Some Ideas?

Too busy to make a yummy treat, or find the perfect gift for your neighbors, co-workers or kids teachers? Here are some ideas that will hopefully help. Best part is, we have FREE printables you can print off and use as well. Also, you can use them as is, or grab your Kiwi Lane Designer Templates and make them even more cute than they already are. 

Incorporating Your Designer Templates:

When using your Designer Templates simply lay the Designer Template you would like over your saying, adjust to make the image centered inside the template, then trace, cut and ink.  Punch a hole at the top, and attach it to your gift with some string/ribbon.  That’s it, super easy! 
Christmas Gift Tags

He’s CHEX’ING His List:


You can buy a little bag of Chex mix or make your own. (Muddy Buddies is my personal favorite). Or if you’re addicted to Pinterest like me, you can search for a recipe using Chex cereal. There are tons of yummy ones online. 

To turn your saying into a Christmas Ornament….

Pull out your Christmas Accessory Set. You will use templates 1 and 4 (the small and large Christmas Ornament Shapes). Trace, Cut and Ink. Chex Mix Tracing Photo

Chex Mix Christmas Gift Tag

Who Doesn’t Love Cookies?

Christmas Cookies Tag FREE PRINTABLE HERE

Lets face it! Sometimes there is just not enough time in a day, and although you had good intentions, life does not allow it. No biggie! You can still let your friends know you were thinking of them during this holiday season, by picking up some store bought cookies. We have the perfect tag for you to use to dress it up a little.  

You can use any cookies that you would like. Oreos are the kids favorites, but personally I would not mind some Milanos. Any would work, and the extra touch of the tag will be perfect! 

Adding a Mitten…

Using Tiny Traditions 3T Trace, Cut and Ink to dress up your tag. Tracing Mitten for Gift

Christmas Cookie Gift Tag


Blowing Christmas Wishes FREE PRINTABLE HERE

I can never seem to have enough gum! My kids are always digging in my purse and taking it all. So a simple gift like this, is inexpensive, but thoughtful in my humble opinion. It also can be a fun way to dress up a stocking stuffer for your kids, or a great gift for your kids to give to their school friends as well. 

You can do this one two ways, you can use it as a wrap, or as a tag:

Blowing Christmas Wishes Gum Tag


Using Christmas Accessory Set 1, trace, cut and ink. Attach to a package of gum with some string. 


Cut each one out, leave length to wrap around the gum. Ink the edges if you would like, then just use some clear tape and attach it on the back. Done! gum wrap


Sometimes during this holiday season, something other then food is nice on the diet. Here are some simple, but useful ideas for gifts. 


Less Dishes Christmas Tag FREE PRINTABLE HERE

I don’t know about you, but anytime I don’t have to do dishes, is a good day!

Here is an adorable tag you can attach to some paper products. (Whether you decide to just attach the tag to Paper Plates or buy plates, napkins & cups it’s up to you.) Works great with Tiny Traditions 5T Trace, Cut and Ink! We use Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink for our ink, and as you can see in the picture, by inking it just gives it a nice finished look. Bell

inking and not inking


Plates & Cups

Gift Tag for Plates and Cups


Christmas Soap Bottle Tag FREE PRINTABLE HERE

Using Tags 2. Trace, cut and ink each tag out and attach to a bottle of soap. That simple! soap christmas saying

We wash you a merry christmas

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Bottle Label & Tag FREE PRINTABLE HERE

I just love sparking cider at this time of year. You could even use it on wine bottles as well. This really is a super simple cute gift idea, or perfect for a Hostess gift if you have a party coming up that you are attending. Bottle Gift Tags

Everything you needs is on the printable.

Print it off, and cut each element out. Then just use some hot glue to attach the shirt, and some string for the tags. (My kids were using my hot glue gun, on another project. They love the glitter glue.) santa bottle

Gift Tags

Christmas Greeting Tags FREE PRINTABLE HERE

We also have some basic tags that you can print off and use on any gift that you would like this Christmas. Gift Tags

We hope these ideas and FREE PRINTABLES help you with your Christmas Gifts this Year.


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