Amy’s Journey To Organizing Her Craft Room

Amy’s Journey To Organizing Her Craft Room

Amy recently moved into a new house and quickly decided she wanted to get her new craft space as organized as possible. Join her as she video tapes and explains some of her tips and tricks throughout her Organization Journey. We will be adding new videos to this Blog Post as she completes them so make sure to pin this Blog Post so you can find it easily later.

My Designer Templates and other Must Have Tools

First stop, Amy shows you how she stores her Kiwi Lane Designer Template Sets and keeps them organized and functional for everyday use along with her other most used tools.

Totally Tiffany Finds For Your Craft Space

Take a look at some of the fun products by Totally Tiffany that Amy used to organize her supplies to make them easily accessible in her new craft room.

Paper Organization

Take a peek as Amy shows you how she has chosen to organize her Scrapbooking Paper so that it is easy to find whenever she needs it.

Stay Tuned to Watch More of Amy’s Organization Journey!!

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  1. Can you share a link for the product that you use to bag your 12×12 papers in? You mentioned that you got them from Amazon but I haven’t been able to locate them. Thank you for sharing all your awesome tips on organizing craft supplies!

  2. Amy your room looks amazing! I just took a class from totally Tiffany in Tacoma and it was amazing! I can’t wait to get started. I just get overwhelmed by looking at all my stuff. But I feel confident with Tiffany’s ideas I can start with my paper. I loved how you used the larger holders for you larger Kiwi lane templates. Such great ideas!

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