Adventure Awaits with Amy Jussel

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In The Wilderness

Amy recently did a crop night alongside Susan Budge and had a chance to use the old 2018 Adventure Awaits Kiwi Club paper. She was able to create an authentic and adorable camping layout using the Adventure Awaits Wilderness Templates as well as some few ghosts to make her campfire.


June 2018 Kiwi Club Kit Paper

Amy had so much fun making these marshmallows by hand. Roasting marshmallows is an inherent memory when it comes to camping, so she loved being able to pull on those memories using her layout.

When making the fire, Amy snipped off the tails of the ghosts in Halloween and Tiny Holiday. She then made the logs by hand, and ta-da! You have a fire.

Glamping or Camping?

Are you a glamper or a camper? Big fan of smores or no? Do you like your marshmallows burnt….cause we know a few people. Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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