3 Basic Layout Ideas and Template Tips

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The wonderful thing about the Play-To-Create system is that it adopts tangible and visual approaches to both scrapbooking and creativty. We’ve all been there; sitting at our scrap tables trying to come up with that breakthrough that will transform our layouts into something we can be proud of. And the harder you think about it, the farther it gets from you.

But with the Play-To-Create process, you are actively moving things and adjusting them so that you can see all the possibilities! The powerful thing about being able to actively move and see your ideas is that it gets your brain sparking faster and ideas flowing easier so that you can start unlocking your creativity, and our Designer Templates are simply tools in that process!

Susan recently created three layout designs using this process. Lets have a look!

When you’re scrapbooking it’s important to remember the mood you want to set! Paper and templates are really important and game-changing when it comes to setting the mood! As you can see, simply changing the pink paper out for blue paper altered the feel of the layout completely!

Susan also mentions that anytime she uses arrows on her layout she likes to point them towards a sentiment or title to give it focus! It’s small things like the direction of an arrow that change the layout!

Last, but not least…layering. When you layer border designer templates or Accessories it adds dimension! Tiny Accessories are perfect for adding layers as they are made to fit on accessories larger than them. Speaking of layering, you can do it with your photos as well! The Photo Mat Set is made to be a half size bigger than your photos so that if you’re in need of depth, you can simply slip a mat under your photo and ta-da! But that’s not always the case! Susan does mention that if her photos have darker backgrounds, she will mat them and if they have a lighter background she might not; it’s hit and miss!

For this layout, Susan decided to design a more clean look with lots of photos, and then she used her designer templates as embellishments! The great thing about all Accessory Sets is that they are the perfect alternative to expensive embellishments. They will help you to utilize your scrapbooking paper to create stunning, professional-looking layouts every time, without it costing you an arm and a leg!

Instead of keeping your Border Templates on the edges, try pulling/flipping them inward! Susan loves pulling her borders to the middle of the page where she can layer them and tuck pictures behind them! You can check out this blog post for a look at a finished design similar to this idea!

If you haven’t noticed, Susan likes to stay away from placing photos in all of the empty spots when building her design. Often we think we need to fill in the white space in between our designs but that’s not necessarily the case! You want a clean look! Now, if it really bothers you, Susan suggests that instead of filling that space with more photos and templates, keep it small and place some enamel dots or sequins in that empty space so you can scratch that itch!

Another thing to note is that when you’re taking your photos you should consider zooming out a bit so that when you’re cropping your photos using the Photo Set you have room to cut in! For more thoughts on this, check out the video at the 15:15 mark!

Check Out The Video and Get A Closer Look At Susan's Layouts!

Know someone who needs some inspiration? Share this post with them! How long have you been scrapbooking? Tell us in the comments below!

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