This release lineup is so exciting because of the way these new products will help you simplify the creator’s process and enhance your creations.

Our hope for you is that by using these new products you will be encouraged, empowered and inspired to continue to create, and to find and refine your own style. Engaging in the creator’s process from start to finish is a surefire way to strengthen your creator’s mindset and to experience that amazing feeling you get when you gift yourself the time and space to be the creator you were born to be.

Border - Fancy Frills


Fancy Frills are different from our normal Borders. They are especially designed to layer with our existing Border sets: Jason Lane, Sunnybrook Lane, and Madison Ave. Depending on how you play with these Frills, you can make your scrapbook layouts delicate or adventurous or quirky. Change up the paper, try a different layering, or use them on their own. The only limits are your imagination.

Tiny Border - Ruffled Edges


Is something missing on your card? Try Ruffling its Edges. Add movement with these exciting Ruffled Edges. We’ve created this Edges set to pair with 3 of our lovely Tiny Borders sets, Sentiments, Blissful, and Frolic. Layer them in front or behind to add dimension and fun to your handmade cards.

A La Carte - Placemats #1


Placemats 1 is the beginning of a classy scrapbook layout. Your photos get to be front and center because it has two places marked out for your 3.5”x3.5” photos. Plus, there’s a corner stencil that you can use on a single corner, on just a few corners, on every corner of your photos, or anywhere on your page. The banner cutout can be used where it is for a title or your journaling. You can move the banner anywhere on your layout in any direction. The bottom edge of the Placemats 1 A la Carte functions as a way to frame your layouts and to add movement to your pages. You could use the entire Designer Template as a mat to layer your elements, including the bouncy edge.

A La Carte - Placemats #2


Placemats 2 is a classic sketch that you can adjust to your heart’s content. This guide keeps your photos at the forefront of your design. There is even another outline cut out of 5″x3″ for a large focal point photo front and center. We’ve used Tiny Tags (1T) in this Placemat, but we’ve also created a smaller version that’s cut out so that you can use that shape on this layout or on any of your other projects. The whole Placemat itself is also a large lovely Designer Template. It’s perfect to mat your entire page or to create an interesting border around your whole design.

A La Carte - Placemats # 4


Placemats 4 is a fantastic beginning to your layouts. Use it as a base, and layer it with other Designer Templates and your photos to create a complete layout. It is also a great start for pocket scrapbooking and journaling. The A la Carte provides spaces for photos, lines for journaling, and decorative doodle elements to jazz up your page. The tabs on the side are fantastic for your journals and planners, whether you use one or both on your project. The speech bubble next to the journaling lines is both large enough to trace and cut out and small enough to use as a stencil.