Using Pocket Scrapbooking Sheets with Designer Templates

baby with camera photo


Circles Baby Layout

Amy Jussel

Passed Down from Generation to Generation

“These pictures mean the world to me. I’m a photographer and this camera was my grandfathers – so it holds a lot of sentimental value! When my baby was just the size of a peanut, I contacted my photographer and told her I wanted this picture!” -Amy Jusselbaby with camera photo

I wanted to mimic the circles in the camera on my layout. I found this paper with soft pinks and delicate accents.

Pocket Scrapbooking Sheets

Using Pocket Scrapbooking Sheets with Designer Templates

I love all the new sheets designed just for Pocket Scrapbooking. Problem is, I don’t always want to use them for an actual pocket. Sometimes I would like to use them on my 12×12 Layouts. The designs built into this sheet in particular were super cute.

The trouble when looking to cut out circles from this type of paper was being able to line things up in a way that I could utilize these designs without things looking off center.

Using my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates turned out to be exactly the right solution. Here’s why this was so easy!

1. Even though the squares were just big enough to fit the circle from the Tiny Shapes Accessory Set (3T), the template was perfect to get the precise shapes that I needed.

2. There was a full page yellow floral pattern in the pack, but on the page of pocket-sized designs the same floral pattern had been scaled down and this made it fit perfectly within the tiny accessories. They really went hand-in-hand.

3. Because the templates are clear, it was really easy to trace and cut out an entire quote, or just part of one inside of my circle.

4. Even on the full-sized, 12×12 sheets included in the pack, there were designs that I was able to incorporate because of the transparent Kiwi Lane Tiny Template. Just lined it up, traced and cut!


The Kiwi Lane Method: Trace – Cut – Ink

I’m sure you could find fault in my circle cutting abilities if you looked closely. BUT this layout took me no longer than a typical layout. And I didn’t need to have an expensive tool on hand, or plug anything in. I was able to place my translucent template over the paper and find the exact spot I wanted to cut. There was no frustration with a machine cutting the wrong spot, or cutting things off-center. Also, inking helped to hide any flaws in my cutting. It was simple and satisfying.

*If you aren’t familiar with the Play-To-Create process, check it out HERE.

Visual Triangles

With so many elements on this page, I wanted to make sure it all felt connected. One way that you can do this is using visual triangles in your design. You use them to connect elements within your page (for example use 3 buttons instead of 2). This will increase the odds of a visually appealing result. Here are a few ways that I did this on my page.

  1. With Photo Placement