Organizing Your Paper Scraps

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Amplifying Your Creativity Through Organization

Let us set the scene: You just finished a project, it could be a layout, card, snap frame, or whatever you’ve sat down to do! You’re all sunshine and rainbows because it’s finally done! And then you look around, realizing you’ve made a mess (Unless you’re that rare clean crafter type- let us know!) and you’ve come to a crossroad….throw out the scraps or keep them? It’s a hard decision since keeping them means they now get to join the horde of paper scraps in that hutch or closet but throwing them away weighs heavily on the conscious. So you keep them, and they join that beautiful mess! But does it have to stay a mess? No way! You’re crafting space should amplify your creativity and be an extension of your scrapping habits, and finding a way to make the creative process easier and more functional is key to any scrapbooker lifestyle. Are you ready? Here is the key to transforming that beautiful mess of scraps into just simply beautiful, no mess needed!

Trim Your Scraps

Before you begin organzing, you will want to trim up your scraps of paper to manageable shapes and sizes and cutting off any loose edges. You will also want to make sure to trim your larger sheets or half sheets into at least 5.5 x 4.25 pieces to accommodate for future card making. Keep the future in mind! 

Use Storage Cards

After you finish your trimming, go ahead and start making mini paper kits and slipping them into the 6×6 – Accessory Storage Cards and/or the Mix and Match storage cards (These are in our shop). Usually, these storage cards are used for Designer Templates, but they are absolutely great for storing scraps as well. If you have a lot of scraps, then also check out the Storage Card Box to keep the storage cards in.


Creative Partner Jill also shares the same concept for her Kiwi Club Kits extras:
Organizing The Scraps

When you begin to put your scraps inside the storage cards, consider combining all the pattern paper that coordinates together into one pocket so that you have that little paper kit to pull from to make future home made cards

Bonus: Organizing Cards

On the note of organizing, what about the cards? You can’t exactly fit them into the storage cards! Most people I know like to put them into plastic bins with lids, but I find I enjoy having them in an open container where I can thumb through them when needs be. I got this fun container at a yard sale and it came sectioned off with wood slabs inside. I used that to my advantage and separated my cards into categories; things like ‘encouragement’, ‘get well’, ‘thank you’, and Holiday cards. This allows me to easily see what I have without it being a nuisance.

For a closer look at how Susan trims and organizes her scraps, check out the video!
Are you a messy or clean crafter? Do you have your own way of organizing scraps? Share with us in the comments below!

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