Organizing Tips For Grab-n-Go Scrapbooking

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Whether you are going to a crop night or climbing Mount Everest, there’s no need to leave your crafting supplies at home (A bit of an exaggeration, we know)! Simply create your own ‘Grab-n-Go System”. Tonya has a few organizing tips and products that will make traveling to crop nights or going on vacation with your Kiwi Lane Paper and Templates easier.

Organizing Paper

If you’ve opened your Kiwi Club Kit but don’t have photos to use with it right away, Tonya suggests storing it away using this fun Page Planner from Hobby Lobby. Simply separate the paper from the cardstock that holds it (But keep it), as well as the sentiment cards, templates, and other things that may have come with the kit. Then slip the cardstock theme page into the page planner so you can visibly see what kit it is when you pull it out, and then slip in the paper and templates as well. There are two pockets on the front of the page planner where you can slip in the sentiment cards as well as any embellishments that may have come with the kit, and photos if you have them. She then slips it into her tote file box from Creative Memories, but since that product has been discontinued, try this chic portable file organizer from The Lakeside Collection. 

You can do this with almost any Paper Kit, including our Double Layout Kits. 

Organizing Designer Templates

We have recognized the difficulty in organizing and keeping your Designer Templates in one place. That’s why we created these Designer Template Storage Box and Storage Cards. Tonya took these and printed out labels to better organize her Designer Templates. Then she slipped them into her basket since it has handles and now she can carry it around. The baskets that hold the templates are Pioneer Woman and Tonya got those from Walmart. For other containor options, check out this post.   

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How do you organize your Grab-n-Go system? Let us know in the comments!

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