Getting Organized

Getting Organized

Ok guys! I am kinda late to the party. As you may have seen, Amy has been going on a journey to organize her craft room, and has shared some of the ways that she has gone about doing it with us. I hope you guys have been motivated and inspired by watching and following along with her (see her journey here).

I’ve decided that it is finally time for me to finish up my own journey! I’ll be honest…I made these videos back at the end of October, and I’m just now getting around to sharing them with you. They are my initial thoughts as I took stock with where I was and made plans for what to tackle before the end of the year. I still have more organizational projects on my to-do list, which I will — of course — share with you as I get to them. I would love to be through them all in November, but the reality is that they will most likely spill over into the upcoming months as well (I hope to find some time to clean up and organize a little during the upcoming, long holidays weekends ;). Really, these projects are mostly for me…#lifegoals. But I figured I would share them with all of you…maybe you can help me be accountable!

My Scrapbook Mess

Ok. To start off with, it is always a good idea to do a little evaluation and pre-planning. To give you an idea of where my starting point was, here is a close look at the current state of my “play” room. The goal with this session is to find where there may be room to improve, and list out what my priorities will be.

Here are some simple, practical recommendations for how to tackle organizing your own “play” room.

  1. Examine your Room/Space
  2. What are the things that stand out to you…the things you know you would like to improve upon?
  3. List them all out…on a list…so that you — you know…have a list. I love lists!
  4. With your list in hand, prioritize your projects based on which ones would make you more productive and effective if you took the time to address them.
  5. List your top 3 and start there! Ignore the other ones for now.

Here’s My Top 3

  1. Organize my essential tools, which I keep right next to me every time I sit down to play.
  2. Brainstorm a better ‘pending projects system’ so I always know which projects are on my radar, but am not overwhelmed by them.
  3. Organize My Designer Templates.

My Progress So Far

I am really happy with the solution that I was able to find using this Totally Tiffany Supply Storage system to help me accomplish my first goal.

I also really found these bags to be super useful in many ways!

Next stop? Knocking down my 2nd and 3rd Goals! Stay tuned and wish me luck!

I am still working on more solutions that I will continue to share with you. But these two are definitely simple, affordable and practical…all words that are a part of my personal Love Language!

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