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Over the years, we have heard many people mention a shared struggle in regards to organizing their Designer Templates. The struggle? How do I store my Designer Templates so they are at my fingertips when I’m creating at home, but are also easy to take with me to Craft Nights! We can honestly say that we have felt your struggle as well! We are, after all, also creators who enjoy Scrapbooking and Card Making. 

Introducing the Designer Template Organizer.

This simple solution is a simple way to store your Kiwi Lane templates at home or for easy travel. We are especially excited to be teaming up with Totally Tiffany to offer you this storage system for your Kiwi Lane Designer Templates.

Here is a video of Susan and Tiffany walking you through the DT Organizer Box and Storage Cards!


Where to start:

Here is a list of the products in this collection: 

  • Storage Boxe
  • Border Storage Cards with pocket sizes (1: 2.25” x 12.5”) (1: 3.5” x 12.5”)
  • Accessory Storage Cards with pocket sizes (2: 6” x 6”)
  • Triple Storage Cards with pocket sizes (3:4.25” x 4”)
  • Mix-n-Match Storage Cards with pocket sizes (1: 8” x 6”) (1: 4.5” x 6”)

The Storage Box can fit up to 8 additional Add-On Storage Cards, making it easy to expand your storage system as your collection of Designer Templates grows.


I own every Kiwi Lane Template…how many do I need?

If you own every Kiwi Lane Template that we offer currently, we’ve put together a list of how many storage cards you will need. There are a handful of templates that we’ve discontinued that are not included in this list. So if you have Mini borders or some of the accessories or limited releases we’ve offered, you might need to add a few more! This list includes one DT Box and assumes you will keep the majority of the storage cards in a basket.

1 Designer Template Box
5 packs of Border Cards
1 pack of Triple Storage Cards
3 packs of Mix-n-Match Storage Cards
1 pack of Accessory Storage Cards

It’s easy to add more and take some off depending on how many templates you own!

If you intend to keep all your storage cards in DT Organizer Boxes, keep reading with slightly different numbers.

Storage Inspiration

I had fun exploring all the different places in my scrapbooking room where I could keep my Organizer Box and Storage Cards! I still haven’t decided on the final spot, but here are a few of the top contenders!


I have an Ikea cart where I keep my main scrapbooking tools. It is easy to put in a closet away from baby hands and easy to pull out for crafting later! It fit every template neatly placed in their storage cards as well as my DT Box, keeping them all in the same place.

Magnolia Box

I picked up this adorable black basket from Heart and Hands with Magnolia from Target. It was the perfect size and I loved the handles. It was super easy to grab and take with me to the Kiwi Offices.

There are a few sets that are slightly too big to fit in the closed DT Organizer Box, such as the Rings and Lacey Trims Accessory Sets. These sets do fit nicely in the Mix and Match Storage Cards, however, so you can still keep them together with your other sets and can pull them out onto the table so they are in easy reach but won’t be scattered or lost.

DT Organizer Box

I fit the entire set in 3 boxes. (16 storage cards in each box- 48 storage cards total). It is harder to flip through when they are stored in the box. But they are nice and clean and put away…and ready to grab and go!

If you intend to store your storage cards this way, with all the cards in the DT Organizer Boxes, you will want to switch up your order a bit.

3 Designer Template Box
4 packs of Border Cards
0 pack of Triple Storage Cards
2 packs of Mix-n-Match Storage Cards
0 packs of Accessory Storage Cards

Other Boxes

The possibilities are endless. Whatever cute little storage box you choose to keep them in at home, it does need to be at least 13” wide on the inside. Find a basket that fits your style!

Some things that I found out while trying all the baskets:

  1. Shallow baskets are easier for flipping through the storage cards.
  2. Taller baskets protect them more. I think the perfect height is just at the top of the storage cards – around 6”
  3. Handles are very helpful for moving the basket around.
  4. Add some felt cushions to the bottom of the baskets to protect your scrapbook table.

Other storage baskets I tried:

Going from Home to Travel

When you are ready to pack up and go out for a crop, it took me under a minute to grab a few Borders, Fun Borders, Accessories, and Tiny Accessories which were already in their storage cards. 16 packs fit into one DT Organizer Box. There was no transferring into different packages.

I simply had to grab the storage cards, add them to my DT Organizer Box and go!

For more great organizing tips and tools follow Tiffany here!

We hope you love this all new Storage System as much as we do!

We’d love to see how you decide to store your templates.

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