5 Great Storage Products To Use In Your Crafting Room

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Spring Cleaning

It is finally Spring! With everything warming up and coming to life, it’s time to clean out the home, and maybe even your crafting room (or as Susan calls it; your ‘Play room’). You’re in luck because Lindsay Smith loves organizing! In fact, it’s part of her job! While she’s been organizing her own craft room, she’s come across some great products and organizing solutions that go beyond the jars, rods, and cubbies. Things that will maximize space and improve creativity and productivity in your own crafting room. Let’s have a look at these 6 great storage products as well as some questions you should tackle before and after your organizing journey. 

Not All Crafting Rooms Are The Same

Before we get started, you should ask yourself a few questions! When it comes to organizing your crafting room, you can become easily overwhelmed if you don’t have a game plan! Remember that you have a unique space- it may be small or large- and unique needs, which means that organizational products that may work for others might not work for you. So before you get started, consider looking at the PDF we’ve provided- you can even print it out if you want- and answer the questions. This should help you focus on how to best make your crafting room work for you and find the products that will fit your particular needs and supplies best. With all that said, there is always a way to make any space work for you! It’s time to play-to-create your way to a crafting room you love!

Deflecto Rotating Organizer

This Deflecto Rotating organizer is great for organizing all those little things! You can fit embellishments ranging from buttons, sequins, string and washi tape! The fun thing about this organizer is that it’s sectioned like a pie with varying sizing so you can decide what needs more space and what doesn’t! 

3 Tier Rolling Cart

This 3-Tier Rolling Cart is a favorite among the Kiwi Crew as well as the founders. Since this cart has a lot of space and can move, it’s great for storing all those on-hand essentials like Designer Templates, scissors, adhesive, ink, and so on.

Both Amy and Shiloh used the top drawer of this cart along with our DT Storage Cards to store Designer Templates so that they’re all in one place. This leaves the bottom two drawers for whatever else they want on hand! You can explore this idea more in this post about combining the Designer Template Storage cards with the 3 Tier Rolling Cart as well as Amy’s journey to organizing her craft room. 

Susan was able to fit this die, stamp, and supply organizer from totally tiffany in the middle bin so that she is now able to fit all of her essential crafting supplies in this cart as well as her designer templates. For a picture of her 3 Tier rolling cart, check out this post and video. 

Acrylic Desktop File

This Acrylic Desktop File is great for organizing scrapbooking paper. Lindsay suggests using this filer along with these file folders to organize cardstock paper. If you decided to use this Acrylic Desktop Filer, you’re going to need somewhere to put it! It can be a closet or buffet, so if you’re crafting room is small, remember to consider the space it will take to store your paper. For more ideas on how other people have stored their paper, check out this post. 

Multi-Purpose Bins

If you don’t like the filer option, try out these Multi-Purpose Bins from the container store. Lindsey was surprised to find that they fit 12×12 paper and even her Kiwi Club Kits perfectly! It even has handles so that it’s easy to carry and slide around. 

Stackable Bins With Dividers

The fun thing about these Stackable Bins with Dividers is that they are customizable! This way you can adjust as needed and fit whatever ribbon, adhesive, or even that collection of hole punchers. They slide out really easy as well! 

What About Your Scraps?

We’ve covered some options when it comes to organizing your craft supplies, embellishments, paper kits, and even your designer templates. But what happens to the used paper? What about the scraps? Don’t throw them away just because you can’t find a place for them! This post goes over how Susan uses our storage cards to organize her scraps as well as a quick and very useful tip on how she organizes her cards as well!

Check Out The Video!

Where are you at in your organizing journey? Let us know in the comments below! Wherever you are, make sure to be mindful and share what you discover with us over in the community!

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