@home Craft-In Sign-Ups

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love @home Craft-in online events (and why we think it’s a great idea for YOU to be a presenter)!

  • They provide each customer with a diversity of creators styles and connections in the community. 
  • They give others something wholesome and fun to tune in to and watch. 
  • They help all of us stay engaged, and motivate us to make time to create in our everyday lives. 
  • They provide those who present with valuable experience and act as a source of ideas that can be shared with others to introduce new people too Kiwi Lane.


  • They help others get to know you and lend credibility to what you share because you show that you love and use what you “promote”.
  • They provide consistent opportunities to invite others to interact creatively with you and the Kiwi Lane community (Hence why we should always share our excitement for others to join us at the next event!). 
  • They spread out the task of providing consistent social media content — which is necessary for meaningful engagement recommended, effective outreach and community growth, allowing us to help and support one another as One Team.  
  • And most important…they inspire all of us to play, create and connect more in our lives.