One Team Meeting -August 31st

  • 0:00 – Aaron looking pensive and Susan dancing
  • 10:19 – Welcome to the Meeting
  • 10:36- Welcome to all our New Creative Partners!
  • 12:30 – Team Member Spotlight
  • 15:14- Relationship Experience
  • 16:05 – Product Experience 
  • 20:23 – Kiwi Lane Experience
  • 24:48– Tech & Website Experience
  • 28:56 – Weekly Focus: Boost your Creativity!
  • 32:10 – Challenge: Share your Creativity!
  • 36:24 Q&A
  • 41:35- Sneak Peek at the New Paperline!
Team Spotlight:

Kristen Lawson has been scrapbooking since she was in middle school – about 26 years now.  She said that she always loved doing crafts and taking pictures (her first camera looked just like a Velvetta Cheese box). Her aunt knew she loved crafts and bought her a ton of Creative Memories products which lit a passion in her to scrapbook. Over the years, her style has changed, and last Spring she bought her first Kiwi Lane template at a Crop. Kristin said she was amazed by how beautiful some of her friend’s layouts were who used Kiwi Lane.  She had been using a Cricut, so she was on the fence about using scissors to cut things out, but she instantly fell in love and barely uses her Cricut now. 

Kristen became a Creative Partner last July and had her first open house about a year ago! She loves Kiwi Lane and said that she’s amazed at how many layouts she can complete with such fun and creativity using this system. It’s so fun getting to know more about you Kristen!

Topic of Discussion:

Labor Day Holiday- Our Kiwi offices will be closed in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 7th – so we won’t have a One Team meeting on that day.  Our next meeting together will be on September 14th.

Customer Review

“Life is so much easier to tell stories for years to come! I love bringing my Kiwi Lane to crops and everyone looking at me like I am crazy for just needing one wheeled tote and that I can finish 2 to 3 scrapbooks! Love the concept, ease, versatility, and creativity Kiwi Lane offers!"

Traci Williams
Topics of Discussion:
  1. Today we submitted our last purchase order for 2020!  We are so excited to see what you create the rest of this year but we are looking forward to many great things in 2021 as well!
  2. September Kiwi Club will unfortunately ship out late this month.  The ship carrying our inventory was delayed about a week on the water and then once it reached the port, the container our product was in was randomly selected for examination which delayed it again. We will ship as soon as our product is delivered to us but with the long holiday weekend, they will most likely not start shipping until the 8th. We apologize for this delay but circumstances were out of our control this month.
  3. We have had some customers asking about Quarantine overstock.  Overstock of these items is very very limited so we are going to wait until a little farther into September to make these available so that we can make sure those that purchased it the first time have received their products in good condition and we can accurately determine what we have left.
Follow Up on Past Topics:

 We talked about this a couple weeks ago but I have noticed more questions about it and I just wanted to quickly mention it again.  We are still carrying the Totally Tiffany Storage Boxes and Storage Cards.  However, TT is now using Crafter’s Companion to handle their wholesale accounts and it has taken a bit of time to get them caught up on our inventory needs for these items.  We currently have the Triple, Single, and A la carte Storage Cards on their way but Crafters Companion is still waiting to receive the Accessory and Mix-n-Match storage cards along with the Storage Boxes from the manufacturer.  As soon as they arrive to them, we will order them and get them back in the shop as soon as possible.  But don’t worry, they will be back and hopefully soon.

Topics of Discussion:

1. Craft-In Events: We have an exciting lineup for Craft-In Events for September!

Currently, the event plugin is glitching and changing dates & times. We are looking into other options, but for the week, we will communicate the schedule on FB & via email. 

2. Kiwi Club Challenge: A whole new month this week, which means it’s everyone’s last chance to get September’s Kiwi Club Kit. Or when they sign up in September they will get October’s Kit.
Numbers keep going up each month.

Post about Kiwi Club this week, share what you personally love about Kiwi Club. Be genuine and authentic! 

Lindsay Smith, a Creative Partner is doing a Product Spotlight on Kiwi Club on Tuesday at 6 pm CST. Share the video with your Share Link and your own description! 

3. Save the Date: World Card Making day is October 2nd!! 

Topic Of Discussion:

Sometime in the next day or two, the website will be put into maintenance for a couple of hours while we implement the code we need to release the Share Program next month. We will release an email with more details but as of right now, we currently have a three-phase plan.

Phase One: Implement a new creative partner dashboard (This is what will be implemented during the maintenance).

This will include a whole set of new metrics and variables that will be available on the dashboard. These updates will give you information that you don’t have right now that is actionable, will allow you to make adjustments as you move through the following months, and help you hit your goals. This should, hopefully, be up this week!

Phase Two: Around the middle of the month we will be going live with the first round of notifications and email reports. We will get into those details later.

Phase Three: Work on releasing the Share Program.

Our original plan was to release the share Program earlier, but after some discussion, we decided it would be better to have notifications and reporting working before the Share Program so that you can see what’s coming and be in the loop concerning the Share Program. Some of this plan may change, so stay tuned!

Message From Susan

Creativity! Did you know that when you see others be creative it boosts your own creativity? This is why us coming together and working in the community really does help inspire each other, but also all of the customers in the community as well. It is a win/win!

I also loved this article written by Hillary Grigonis on the Creativelive Blog, a platform dedicated to creatives, dreamers, and doers all around the world. It mentioned that creativity can be boosted by playing, practicing, and experiencing! So keep making time to Play-to-Create- aka practice by gaining your own experience as you MAKE the time in your life to participate in activities of creativity.

If you have time, I highly suggest you read that article. It goes into detail about the Science of Creativity! Great read! Feel free to share with me your own takeaways. I would love to hear from you!


Share a video in the community this week that highlights something you have created so you can inspire someone else’s creativity! Specifically in video format. You can upload this video in the Play-to-Create Facebook group. We recommend that you share them there since right now we are unable to upload a video directly to our Kiwi Lane community; we hope to have that feature in the future as we grow that community.

P.S If you have a youtube channel you can share links to those videos in all of the communities

Also, please make sure to email to participate in one of the Craft-in events. If you have been holding back, or unsure about how to participate, let us know so we can help walk you through some of those fears or concerns. It is a great way to schedule a time to PLAY, PRACTICE, and gain EXPERIENCE as Susan mentioned. 

On a Side Note….

Go check out the replay for a sneak peak at the new paper line!

Question: Are we allowed to use the images that are provided by Kiwi Lane on our Facebook page so we can promote kiwi lane to our customers? Can we use them on our personal website that we have built to showcase our kiwi lane creations?

Answer: Policy states that you can promote from a website as long as you always link back to the official website.

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