One Team Meeting- April 5th

Join us as we reflect on the progress we've been making as well as the original intention behind the changes we've been making! We are so so excited to introduce Sonja Herrera, our new Team member at the office! Give her a warm welcome! We completed the transition to a new program; check out the notes for more information. Your earnings will be paid out on Monday, April 12th. look forward to the Craft-Ins this week as well as a surprise you might find in your Kiwi Club if you are a member (check out the notes for information on this surprise)! Q&A included.
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7 Simple One Page Layout Ideas

With the New Year finally, here you might be cleaning out your crafting room and other cluttered spaces in your brain and living space to help get out of that end of the year slump and you’ve come upon a stash of random photos you couldn’t fit in your other layouts. Well, one-page layouts are a great way to use those random pictures and at the end of the day, those pictures might be better highlighted alone. So, here are 7 simple one-page layouts to help you do just that! ¬†Pull out your stash of paper and random pictures and start playing!

One Team Meeting- January 18th

We are so excited about the pre-release party on the 28th! Make sure to be there and invite everyone you know! This meeting had a lot of information on our new commission payout process as well as earnings. We hope you’re using your January kiwi Club Kit (as well as the free printable in the Kiwi Club PDF!) and that you are taking advantage of the paper sale going on right now! As for craft-ins, we encourage you to check out our Kiwi Lane Paper Theory video as well as the post and sign up for February Craft-in events!

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