Using Your November Kiwi Club Templates

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The Perfect November Printable

This month’s Kiwi Club is full of homebody comfort and templates created to perfectly fit your home memories. For members of the Template Only Club (And the full Kiwi Club Kit), we have the perfect printable for you! We wanted to create something that can be perfectly used with the November Kiwi Club Templates, and the templates only; no other requirements. This printable was created to match the sense of the November Kiwi Club, which is centered around the home and the memories you make there. So grab your templates, your paper, and print out the printable and start crafting!


As an example, Mindy used the Homemade a la carte from the November Kiwi Club kit and the love at Home a la carte to frame the sentiments from her printable. And they fit perfectly! You can also use the other designer templates from the November Kiwi Club Kit or templates from past Kiwi Clubs (whatever fits) when using the printable.

Grateful Printable

The perfect printable for your November Kiwi Club Templates and a layout, card, or craft centered around home and gratitude.

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What Are You Creating With Your November Templates?

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