Celebrating a Dozen Years

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Thank you so much for connecting with us over the last 12 years! Connecting with others is so important to us at Kiwi Lane, and it makes us happy to know that we have made so many meaningful connections throughout the years.

In a big way, connecting with others on their journey as creators is what inspired Kiwi Lane 12 years ago.

The idea for our very first line of products – Designer Templates for scrapbooking – was the result of the three of us founders’ (Debbie, Shiloh, Susan) frustrations with the industry and the traditional process of scrapbooking. We saw a problem and were inspired to create a solution that worked really well for us.

It was when we first started sharing what we had discovered with others that we truly began to realize how much we all have in common:
  • We all find joy in creating and have a desire to do it more successfully and more often.
  • Though there are times when creating comes more easily to us, a lot of the time, we struggle with obstacles that slow us down or even stop us in our tracks.

As we shared Designer Templates and the Play-To-Create system with others, we discovered that their journeys had been affected by these same obstacles and that applying what we had come up with helped kick start their journey as a creator all over again. We watched the light come into their eyes, and connected through that experience, and it fueled our desire to keep sharing and keep connecting with others.