Winter Felt Trees

Stickles - Tree

Is anyone else experiencing the emotional aftermath of the holidays? You know what you need? A little crafting therapy! It’s the perfect remedy to heal the soul! Here is a simple, yet adorable DIY project that is perfect for these short winter days.Winter Trees Felt Trees

My inspiration for this project came from Pinterest. I have to say, every time I see a project or idea that inspires me, I am always thinking about my Designer Templates, trying to think of a way that I can speed up the process by using them. It’s amazing how you can take an idea, add a Kiwi twist to it, and achieve similar or even cuter end results in much less time. The moment I saw this project, I knew that the christmas tree from our Winter Accessory (#3) was not only perfect for this craft, but also would speed up and simplify the process as well.

So, first things first. Gather the materials you will need.

Here is a complete list of what you will need:

  • 6 felt squares – from your local craft store (about .33 cents each)
  • 3 small wooden sticks
  • A few differently sized disks of wood, cut from branches — because it’s cuter that way!
  • Scissors
  • Designer Template: Winter #3 (or for a smaller tree, Tiny Holiday #8T)
  • Dry Eraser marker – fine point
  • Hot glue gun, and glue sticksTools

I just went outside and gathered a few pieces of wood from my backyard for the sticks and the wooden disks. You could scavenge at a park or ask a friend if you can check their yard! In this case, the perfect crafting materials are literally growing on (and falling off of) trees!

Once you have what you need, you will start by cutting out your trees. You can do these in so many different colors. I chose colors that were “wintry” but not necessarily ‘Christmasy”, since I don’t have a lot of decorations for Jan and Feb in my home. But these would be cute in Christmas colors, or even Fall colors! I have already talked myself into doing a few of each for next year 😉

You need to make full trees, so first trace one side of the tree, and then flip your template over and and trace out the other side of your tree. The reason I use a dry eraser marker, is that it will wipe off of your Designer Template, and show up on the fabric so you can see you your cutting lines. You could also look into some good fabric pens. I was able to fit two trees on a single felt sheet and ended up needing about twelve trees — hence the 6 sheets that i recommended.

Note: If you choose to do a smaller tree, you will only need 3 sheets.tracing trees

Then you just lose yourself in the cutting for a while, maybe with some Gilmore Girls, or Downton Abbey playing in the background 😉

One cutting tip that will save you some time is one that we learned in grade school. Cut the felt in half — so that you are only working with one tree —  then fold it in half. Trace the tree with the straight edge of the template on the folded side. Then hold and cut out the other side. Unfold, and you have a full tree. – Felt does not lay flat when folded. so you would have to hold and cut.

In either case, make sure to cut inside the marker lines, so the marks don’t show.Trace and Cut Trees

Now that we have them cut out, we are going to glue them to the sticks we gathered. Take each tree and fold it in half. Add a little glue to the stick. Attach the folded edge of your tree to the stick.

Repeat by placing another line of glue right beside your last one, and attach another folded felt tree to the stick.

Once that is finished, we can prep the stand for our tree. First, glue a couple of differently sized wooden disks together. You can do as many layers as you would like.

Then, drill a partial hole in the middle, big enough to fit the stick of your tree. Don’t drill all the way through! Just a half inch or so.

Place a bit of hot glue in the hole, and plant your tree! You can add more hot glue around the base of the stick once you’ve placed it in the hole for additional stability. Hold until it dries.

Because I wanted these to be “Wintry” I decided to make them shine just a little bit. I pulled out my Stickles and outlined the edges of each layer of my tree. This was probably the most time consuming part, but it turned out super cute! Totally worth it!

Stickles - Tree


It took about 2 full bottles of Stickles to do three trees. I personally like the Icicle or Diamond Stickles best for this project. You might think that because they are all white they would turn out pretty much the same, but there was a definite difference!

I definitely recommend doing this after you attach the felt to the tree, because you can do both sides at the same time, and then stand the tree up to dry.

That’s it! I made two large trees, and one small one (again, using Tiny Holiday #8T), and have grand plans for more to come! I love how they turned out. Be sure to share your finished product with us! And, if you’ve done another project this Christmas, share it with us below! We would love to see it!Ideas to Inspire - Felt Trees