Using Kiwi Club To Make a Calendar

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A Great Way To Use Those Kiwi Club Kits

Kiwi Club is a perfect way to guarantee that you will receive new Kiwi Lane products each month, leading to hours of satisfying creativity! The paper and Designer Templates you receive each month are always adorable and beautiful! Some months are harder than others when it comes to using it though! So here is one way you can use up every month of the Kiwi Club for a whole year. Every month you get kiwi club you can decide to set some paper and scraps aside to create a fun page on your calendar like these four ladies did with theirs, leading to 12 months of scrapbooking fun!

Time To Get Started

To get started, you’re going to need a calendar. Tammi Snyder used this Base Calendar from Close to The Heart because it had a clear base to work with when designing. Her calendar wasn’t included in the galleries below but you can check out this video to get a look at how she designed hers every month using the Kiwi Club Kits. When designing your calendar using the Kiwi Club Kits, you can go ahead and use the paper and templates included!

Mindy's Calender

For her calendar, Mindy used paper and templates from the 2020 Kiwi Club Kits like the October Kit as well as some of her own paper and supplies.

Amy's Calender

For her calendar, Amy used a mix of some Kiwi Club Kits provided in 2019 (Including the June Paper Crafting Kit) as well as some of her own personal stash.