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I find inspiration in many different places these days. But one especially great, creative muse is pinterest. With Valentine’s coming up, I started searching Pinterest for projects that sparked ideas in my mind…something that I could take and make my own.

I came across these Treat Tags on Pinterest, and fell in love with them! I loved the little ruffle, the texture, and the little heart on the tags. So I set out to create my own tags, using this example as a creative springboard.

Here is what I did:

I wanted a tiny heart as the tip of the arrow, but all of the Kiwi Hearts were too big. So I took Tiny Accents #2T and traced out just two of the small flower petals.

Tiny Accents - Flower

Then I connect the two edges. I simply used a straight edged template as a ruler to finish the heart. This made a wide, and unique heart! I experimented with other flowers first, but I liked this thicker version best.

Make a heart

I used a similar process to create the tail of the arrow, using the star template (Tiny Accents #3T). Because I wanted it to point downward rather than have a flat bottom, I traced two points of the star and then slid the template down and used the angle between the two points to create the point I was looking for.

Tiny Accents Arrow

After inking the edges, staple two of the hearts together. The staple works as a two point anchor – so you can fold the top heart up to create a 3-D arrow tip. You can do the same thing for the tail of the arrow.
Valentines TagsThe body of the tag itself was a simple design, so I just free handed the cuts, but there are many adorable tags in the Tags Designer Template set. Be sure to check it out for more inspiration.

For the cloud-like shape at the bottom, I used Tiny Wacky #2T. I cut out the whole shape and then just folded the ends around the sides of the tag.

To add some texture, I ran a rectangle of cream-colored paper through my paper crimper to create a ruffle.

Paper Crimper

Valentine Tag

It was a little tricky to get the word “LOVE” stamped onto the ruffled paper. The clear block stamp helped me line things up so that the sentiment square lined up squarely with the ruffles on my paper.


Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a handmade card or tag. I was really happy with the simple beauty of these tags, and I am excited to share them with my Valentine this year!

Designer Templates Used:

Tiny Wacky (3T) Tiny Accents (2T,3T,4T) Tags (5)

Paper Used:

Carta Bella ‘Amour’


Who is your Valentine this year?

Give them some love in the comments section below!